Sync (Synchronization)

Sync is the commonly used abbreviation of the English word “synchronization”. We can most clearly interpret Sync as the synchronization of data or organizations.

You can encounter Sync, which is used in many tools and devices, on the panels of websites, mobile devices such as Android and iOS, software and many technological products.

Although sync may seem like a limited concept, it can be used in a very broad sense and have different functions. For example, thanks to the Sync feature, which is translated into “Synchronization” on Apple devices, you can connect many of your devices as content and access your content from different Apple devices.

Sync is a feature on Android that helps you sync your device. With Sync, which is now more commonly used as cloud backup, you can copy the data on your device to a remote server for backup. While you can back up many of your data in the Android operating system with the help of Sync, other applications that you have used on your device can also offer this function. 

For example, you can see that Evernote has a "Sync" option in its menu. When you activate this option, you can save all the notes you have taken on your device to Evernote's backup servers.

Apart from this definition, the concept of Sync may come up with different features. To get more specific results, you can try to look at how the concept of Sync is defined first from within the source itself and from the help resources.

If you are using a software, you can browse the software help library, if you are using a technological device, you can get useful results with the user manual and a little research you will do.