The invention of cameraman Garret Brown (developed in conjunction with Cinema Products, Inc.), this is a system which permits hand-held filming with an image steadiness comparable to tracking shots. A vest redistributes the weight of the camera to the hips of the cameraman; a spring-loaded arm minimises the motion the camera; a video monitor frees the cameraman from the eyepiece.

Steadicam is a device that functions as stabilizer mount for motion picture camera. Using a steadicam it is possible to capture the action without causing unwanted jerky movements or focusing in the shot. Steadicam can take several different forms depending on the type of camera used and the environment in which the camera is used.

When many people think of steadicam, the first thought that comes to mind is the support systems used for cameras shooting movie scenes or locations. These larger and more powerful cameras are loaded into a hydraulically controlled stand that helps relieve the camera operator by expending physical energy to hold the camera steady. 

The value of this type of larger steadicam bracket is that the camera can be easily moved around to perform the action being shot without creating problems such as blurry focus or fast movements out of range.

Besides these large supports that act as advanced tripods, there are also harness versions of the steadicam. These are often used in smaller handheld cameras. Camera operators working with the news divisions of television channels use steadicam wiring to shoot interviews and other events that take place outside the television studio.

The seat belt fits around the torso and shoulders to create a safe environment for the handheld camera. Because the Steadicam harness carries a greater portion of the camera's weight and helps keep the device stable, the camera attendant is less likely to experience fatigue in the muscles of the arms and obtain a sharp recording of the distant event.

Whether with a film camera on a production stage or as a means of filming events in public spaces, steadicam can help many professionals. At the same time, amateurs with home theater cameras can purchase a steadicam harness, which will also help improve the quality of their home theater. These types of harnesses are often found in camera shops and other retail establishments that carry camera equipment.

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