Serious Game

A serious game or a hands-on game is one that is designed for a primary purpose other than purely entertainment.The adjective "serious" is often coined to refer to video games used by industries such as defence, education, scientific exploration, healthcare, emergency management, urban planning, engineering, and politics.

Serious games are a subgenre of serious storytelling, in which storytelling "outside the context of entertainment, where the narrative progresses as a series of patterns that are impressive in quality and is part of a thoughtful progression".

The idea shares commonalities with simulation in general, including flight simulation and medical simulation, but clearly emphasizes the added pedagogical value of fun and competition.

"Serious game" is playing with a purpose and intent that goes beyond just having fun. The serious aspect requires some degree of focus on a task or challenge, while the play aspect emphasizes imagination and playing with boundaries.

Serious Game

Together, these seemingly juxtaposed components can foster deeper engagement – ​​also known as a state of flow where participants lose track of time and their internal criticism. Being stubborn also enables us to better tolerate the ambiguity and uncertainty that characterizes many of the problems faced by modern organizations. Actually using gaming as a way to develop adaptive human potential is not new.

As the benefits of serious game;

  • Cognitive benefit of using imagination to develop new insight.
  • The social benefit of developing new frameworks for interaction.
  • The emotional benefits of providing positive emotional connotations as well as a safe context for taking risks,
  • trying new roles, and exploring new potential forms of practice.