Quad Core is the name given to the type of multi-core technology that includes two separate dual-core dies. It means a dual-core CPU with two full execution cores per physical processor.

Inside the chip, like each core, it works in conjunction with other circuits such as cache, memory management, and input/output (I/O) ports. A quad core processor is twice as fast as a dual core processor.

Best performance on Quad Core processors

1. When working with a large number of programs,

2. In brute-force arithmetic calculations,

3. In 3D (three-dimensional) graphics,

4. In virtual reality applications,

5. In audio compression processes,

6. Obtained in video compression processes.

Quad Core processors are similar to a dual core processor but also have four separate processors processing processes. Clock speeds of processors have become more popular in recent years for quad-core processors. With Quad Core processors, you can get high performance without increasing the clock speed.

The fact that the software you use on your computer supports multi-processing will allow you to get more performance from a Quad Core processor that will make a performance difference. Modern operating systems and many programs provide support for multiprocessing.

"Intel Core 2 Quad" and "AMD Phenom X4" processors are examples of Quad Core processors.

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