Point of view shot

A shot which shows the scene from the specfic point of view of one of the characters in other words POV refers to point of view shooting. The director sometimes uses the camera as the hero's eye to show the audience what the hero sees.

This point of view, which expresses the situations in which the actor sees the audience sees, can be an element that shows which character the audience should identify with, although the answer to the questions of when and why is the shooting technique used varies depending on the location.

Robert Montgomery's movie Lady in the Lake was shot entirely using point-of-view shooting. The hero sees himself (as the audience) in the mirror in the movie.

Point of view shot

Therefore, a Pov shot helps a filmmaker to:

  • Creates a narrative
  • Emotionally connect the viewer with your character.

Also, a POV sequence can generate at least three shots like this:

  • The shot of the character witnessing an event or thing.
  • The shot itself, showing the unfolding happenings.
  • A shot returning to the main action of the scene.

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