It stands for "Frames Per Second". FPS is used to measure frame rate, which is the number of consecutive full-screen images displayed per second. It is a common feature used in video capture and playback and is also used to measure video game performance.

The higher the FPS value, the more fluent the image on the screen will be played. In this way, the person in front of the screen sees the image much more fluently and smoothly.

Therefore, the high FPS value both provides a better image and helps you perform better in games. While the first 3D games had a frame rate of only 6 FPS, today this number can climb over 300, thanks to monitor technologies.


How to increase FPS?

  •      Update your video card drivers.
  •      Close any unnecessary applications running in the background using the task manager.
  •      Optimize drivers by performing Defrag and optimize drivers.
  •      Fix your computer's power settings.
  •      Turn off the visual effects of Windows.
  •      Close the game bar and disable background recording.
  •      Change the game's graphics settings.
  •      Use full screen mode.
  •      Overclock your computer parts without much risk.
  •      Upgrade your gear and get high-end parts.

If you are facing low FPS problem in games, the first thing you should do is to check your graphics card drivers, as an outdated driver can cause problems in games.

In addition, unnecessary applications that remain open in the background can put a load on the processor, which affects performance. Optimizing drivers, tweaking power settings, and turning off Windows' visual effects may also seem like a simple process, but it has direct performance implications.

What should be the ideal FPS?

When we consider today's games in terms of playability, the FPS value of 30 and above is quite sufficient. At this FPS value, the game does not feel stuck, it just offers a slightly rougher image compared to the upper FPS values. In cases where the FPS value starts to drop below 30, the game may become unplayable after a point.

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