An e-reader or "e-book reader" is a portable hardware device designed for reading digital publications. We can also add digital versions of e-books, electronic magazines and newspapers to these.

Most e-readers can store thousands of books and other publications, as textual data doesn't require a lot of storage space. Just like an iPod can store an entire library of music, a single e-reader can store a large collection of books.

There are millions of different e-readers available, but some of the most popular are the Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Sony Reader.

All of these e-readers support a wide variety of e-book formats and can download content over a wireless network. Most e-readers have a monochrome display, often referred to as "electronic paper," while others have a full-color backlit display.


Tablets like the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire are often considered e-readers as they can be used to read digital publications. However, since these devices are not designed primarily as digital readers, it would be more accurate to refer to them as tablets that can be used as e-readers. Tablets offer more capabilities than e-readers, but e-readers are often better suited for just reading e-books.

The Advantages of E-reader

  • E-readers are cheaper. Once you have incurred the cost of acquiring an e-book reader, the money you will spend on the book will be less. There are also free books, of course.
  • Thanks to e-readers, less paper can be spent. Fewer trees are cut down. This is a very important plus. Of course, for a serious saving, the use of e-books needs to be spread.
  • E-readers are easy to transport. Dozens of e-books can be carried with one reader. In this way, you can carry your books without difficulty and you can read them whenever you want.
  • The e-reader takes up little space. It's not important for 1-2 books, but it takes a lot of space to store hundreds of books and these books take time to maintain.
  • Searching and taking notes are much easier on the e-reader. There are great advantages of being in the electronic environment. For example, you can search the book as if you were searching on a search engine. You can place a note wherever you want or add my bookmark.
  • You can change the font size while reading the e-reader. Again, thanks to e-reader, which is one of the advantages of being in the electronic environment, you do not have to endure a scratchy size.