Dolly is the car on the rails set up to move the camera. We can move the camera back and forth or left and right on these rails.

Its common usage is "dolly in", "dolly out". In dolly in and dolly out camera movements, unlike zoom, the lens does not zoom in on the image, the camera zooms in. We can best understand this without perspective clutter, as I described in my article on basic camera movements, in the zoom section. There is no perspective clutter in Dolly's movement.

“Dolly zoom”, on the other hand, is zooming in or zooming out while the camera is moving on the rails. On the one hand, the camera moves forward or backward, while on the other hand, zoom is made. While our subject in our frame remains the same size, we observe perspective clutter.


         What is a dolly shot used for?

  • Dolly out away from a subject to capture the environment around them, or emotionally disconnect .
  • Smooth and precise camera movement
  • Dolly in towards a subject to emphasize dialogue, emotions, or a moment of realization