The technical name given to the process of combining in computer graphics or animation, cinema and television. For example, combining computer graphics and real camera shots with special software and hardware in the studio, placing a computer-created building on a street photograph, etc.

All compositing involves replacing selected parts of an image with other materials, usually, but not always, from another image. In the digital compositing method, software commands specify a narrowly defined color as part of the image to be replaced. The software (eg, Natron) then replaces each pixel in the specified color range with a pixel from another image aligned to appear as part of the original.

Compositing Techniques:

  •     CGI
  •     Matting
  •     Multiple Exposure
  •     Blue or Green Screen
  •     Physical Compositing
  •     Front or Rear Projection                             

Also 3D compositing can be extremely challenging, but it can also be very creative. Unfortunately, one of the difficult parts of compositing is creating a format that can be used in a variety of editing environments.

The purpose of compositing is to visually depict things other than the reality of an image.