The ability to engage learners is one of the many things that differ e-learning from traditional learning methods. E-learning creates an engaging environment for participants and allows them to interact with the teaching material. It is engaging in a way that no other learning or teaching method can achieve.

Not long ago, e-learning pretty much only consisted of slideshows, something very familiar to college students. Slideshows helped us to create projects but honestly there were times it just was not enough and came short. Later on, the developments in augmented reality paved the way for e-learning to advance further. In today’s world, e-learning is a strong learning tool and can be easily adapted to many different fields, from school teaching to work training.

Interactive videos are one of the best methods for e-learning platforms. The possibilities are endless with interactive videos. Builders can create scenarios, simulations and training courses, etc. with it. With enough creativity, one can create virtually anything using interactive videos on their business.

Cinema8 Blog - Interactive Video on E-Learning: Why to Use It?

Strengths of Interactive Videos on E-learning

There are lots of good reasons as to why both individuals and companies prefer interactive videos for teaching or training. First of all, interactive video is so diverse that it can apply to any kind of work field. Well, other than the fact that it is virtually good for any business, what other strengths does interactive video offer for e-learning?

Interactive video has a long-lasting impression for e-learning purposes. It stands out from other learning materials. Especially now with the internet, there is an infinite amount of information you can access, but this information generally is not engaging as it is bland and forgettable. On the other hand, interactive video on e-learning can engage learners which is its biggest strength. Interactive video is also inviting, memorable and in most cases, even more effective than personal meetings and in-person events.

Interactive videos can work in a similar way as “choose your adventure” type of books. While linear videos do not give any control to the audience, an interactive video makes the viewers choice a priority. Interactive e-learning video materials can do an amazing job of storytelling with the use of hotspots or call to actions, further engaging the learners. With this type of interactive media, learners will care about the decisions they make and their engagement with the interactive video material will cause better and more precise learning.

Training is one of the most important parts of any business. All healthy organizations have a well-trained workforce. A well-trained workforce can prevent crises from happening and manage them effectively. Whether it is a multi-national global company or a small business with few employees, the success of an enterprise is directly connected to the skills of its workforce. That is why it is very important to implement relevant and realistic training to make sure the staff is well-trained at all times, and their learning experience is as close as to the real thing. Interactive video media allows companies to create realistic training materials which can easily replicate real situations the trainees might face in their field of work. An interactive video on e-learning is also an invaluable tool for hiring new personnel. Built-in decision making in this type of media helps companies to easily distinguish the candidates. In today’s standards, the use of e-learning and interactive videos successfully is crucial for businesses.

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