Do These To Get People to Watch Your Videos Till The End

Are you struggling to get people to watch your videos till the end? Are you sure your viewers are not turning the video off after 10 seconds? From 2012 onwards, watch time has become the most important metric when it comes to ranking, especially on YouTube! Followers and likes are indeed important, but the quality of your watch time is what matters the most. Therefore, it’s crucially important to get people to watch your video till the end.    

A few things you can do to hold your audience's attention longer are:

  • Engaging content
  • Interesting thumbnails
  • Captivating titles
  • Compelling video descriptions

Do these to get people to watch your videos till the end

You will appear in more searches and recommended videos if your channel has a high watch time. In turn, you will get more subscribers and views. If you are going to use YouTube for organic marketing or monetize it, you must have all of that in place.

We will target the biggest video platform in this article i.e., YouTube, but the same techniques go for other areas as well. Whether you’re making an interactive video for e-learning, Instagram, Facebook, your personal website, etc, these strategies matter.

Tips to Get People to Watch Your Videos Till the End

In order to make sure your viewers watch your YouTube video to the end, you must take several measures before, during, and after the production of the video. Here are the top 5 tips that actually work!

1. Make Your Video Script Stand Out

It's the content of your video that can get people to watch your video to the end. In your video, you should discuss topics that are interesting, helpful, entertaining, or relevant. You need to offer the viewers something of value. Try to think of a reason why someone would choose to view your video.

When you are just getting started and the audience doesn't know you, the best videos are those that add value to them. A how-to video, for example, is a popular choice.
However, you can also catch your audience’s attention simply because your video is entertaining to them. You don't need to talk about high-level advice all the time.

Regardless of the route you choose - entertainment or education - work on writing engaging video scripts. The script lets you know in general what you intend to convey in your video. This method puts things in a logical order and ensures that nothing gets missed.

Do these to get people to watch your videos till the end

Obviously, you won’t be repeating exactly what your script says because it will make you sound very robotic. Try speaking naturally, just like you are talking to your friend. Using this script as the outline will be helpful, but do not rely on it too much.

Another important element of getting viewers’ attention is stories. They are a great way to keep them engaged in your videos since people love hearing stories. So, whenever you are giving a lot of information, tell a story that relates to it.

What if you had to leave the movie you were watching midway through? I’m sure it is really hard as part of you is eager to watch the end. The same thing happens with the viewers when you share a story in your video. Since your audience wants to hear the ending to the story, they won't even think about stopping the video.

How to Write an Engaging Script?

You need two things to make your scripts more engaging, and therefore encourage people to watch to the end of your video.

Invest some time in researching it. Occasionally, people are tempted to just start making a video on the topic they know well. However, it's worth browsing the internet to find out what others are already saying about it.

Do these to get people to watch your videos till the end

It's possible that people will leave your video before the end if you repeat what everyone else has already said. If you do research, you might discover something new or surprising.

Another thing to do is to ask engaging questions during the video. By asking questions throughout your video, your video will become more engaging and viewers will be eager to see what happens next. The questions can be as simple as:

   - Isn’t it true?
   - What to do in this case?

The concentration of the viewer may be affected when you provide lots of input in the video. It can be a good idea to ask a question to keep their attention.

You can also keep your audience's attention with interesting visuals. If you are recording yourself, take note of your body language. However, in the case of slides, make sure they are clear and fascinating.

You can use Cinema8 for the production of interactive videos. It has some amazing widgets that your viewers will love!

2. Add an Exciting Video Title

Next, you will need a title that will get people to watch your video till the end. How does a title aid in audience retention and what is its purpose?

Video titles are intended to entice viewers to click on them, similar to the headlines in magazines that entice you to read the article. Good titles convey to the viewer the benefits of watching the video.

Video benefits can vary depending on the video. It might satisfy curiosity, teach them something new, or simply give them a good laugh. No matter what your video is about, its title should reflect that meaning.

It is imperative that the title is compelling. If the title is boring, no one clicks on the video, resulting in no views. To write good titles, you should read a few online articles to understand what strategies work and why. This will allow you to make your own interesting video titles.

It is not a good idea to make a title that is clickbait. Be careful not to promise something you haven’t added in the video. By doing so, you may actually reduce watch time. Your video may be clicked on, but once people realize it is clickbait, they will leave.

How to Use Titles to Get People to Watch Your Video Till the End?

Having a catchy title will certainly cause people to click on your video, but what does that mean for watching time?

Make your headlines interesting to attract viewers in the beginning. However, there is a trick for increasing audience retention:

Make a video that includes a list. Here are a few examples:

  •  X Ways to Study without Feeling Sleepy
  •  X Tips to Get Long, Shiny Hair
  •  X Techniques for Improving Productivity

Do these to get people to watch your videos till the end

These "X Ways..." and "X Tips..." videos have a great chance of increasing the watch time since viewers are interested in knowing all the steps involved.

The majority of people will not stop watching after seeing Way #4 of the five ways you promise them. Your video will be watched until the end because people want to see the whole list. However, don't use lists in every video. It shouldn't be overused but incorporated occasionally.

For more tips for being successful on social media you can check our article;

3. Write an Interesting Video Description

Other than the content and the title, your video description is another way to get people to watch your video till the end.

On almost all platforms, you can add a description to your video using the text field present under the video. Whenever you type into a text, only the first few words are visible, and the rest is hidden under a fold. A viewer must click on the "read more" button to see the full description.

Do these to get people to watch your videos till the end

Therefore, it is important to pay emphasis on the first few sentences that are visible and make them interesting. They are particularly useful to arouse curiosity.
In addition, you are more likely to be found with your video description. Keyword searches are applied to video titles as well as descriptions when a user types a keyword into the search. You can make your video more popular if you add a few more words in the description.ü

So, as mentioned earlier, don’t promise anything in the description that you have not included in the video. If you write things that are missing in the video, you will hurt your audience’s retention.

4. Make an Enticing Thumbnail

You might be wondering what a thumbnaiül basically is. It is an image that appears whenever you search for any video. Interesting thumbnails can capture people's attention. Make sure not to use clickbait. Make sure the thumbnail does not show anything outrageous that you haven’t included in the video.

You should use your thumbnails wisely. For example, to get people to watch your video till the end, you can add an image that will show up at the end of your video. To know what actually the image was about, viewers will have to watch the video till the end.

Do these to get people to watch your videos till the end

Moreover, you can also add images that are not a part of the video but are surely relevant. For example, you could use that to illustrate an outcome. You can use the thumbnail, for example, when creating DIY videos to show how the project looks once it's completed.

If you use a short video title but put text on the thumbnail, it works great. The thumbnail will make people curious even more.

5. Choose Your Topic Wisely

Your video's content must be useful, as we've already said. Maybe it's entertaining or educational. Regardless, it provides something worthwhile for viewers.

Read our article on 11 Tips for Engaging E-learning Videos for more details.

What are the best topics to write about? Now you may be wondering what to write about. To begin with, determine what you are interested in and decide what you like to write about. Never try to copy what others are doing merely due to their popularity. Do something that interests you!

You'll need to do two more things after determining what you enjoy - your niche. Consider this scenario: yüou want to upload videos about traveling and backpacking.

The best way to do this is to type in "traveling" in the search bar. If you do this, YouTube will suggest commonly searched keywords.

You should use them in your videos since they're popular long-tail keywords. Why? It's because people have already searched for them. When you select a popular topic, you can get people to watch your video till the end.

Your second step should be to examine your competitors. In the previous example of traveling, what was the most popular topic? Check it out and try if you can do the same. Avoid copying the exact same thing. That is against the law and is extremely unfair. Take advantage of the fact that the topic was popular by doing something similar.

Is it Working? How Can You Tell?

When someone leaves your video, you can see it in your audience retention analytics. Make sure you review these analytics regularly to continually improve.

People tend to stop watching a video after a few seconds if the title and thumbnail drew them in, but the video didn't live up to their expectations. It may also be that the intro is too lengthy or doesn't grab their attention. To get people to watch your video till the end, it is necessary to make adjustments.

Whenever you notice that people stopped watching your video at a particular part of the video while reviewing your analytics, watch your video again to see what part it actually was. Could you have given too much information without asking follow-up questions? Maybe the information you provided wasn't very interesting? Take note of what you learned, and try to use it to improve your next video.

There are times when your audience will stop watching just before the end. You don't have a big problem here as your audience retention is pretty high. But what if you're planning on pitching a product near the ending of your video, but the viewers have stopped watching before it ends? In that case, your pitch should be placed earlier.

Rather than ending with a call to action or pitch, you can try this approach: state that you will give a bonus tip shortly. The first thing you have to do is inform them that a new product is available.

In general, you should do the call to action earlier in the video and give your viewers a reason to remain until the end. Bonus tips keep people watching.


Your content will be watched, liked, and followed more frequently if it is watched, liked, and followed more. To repeat myself, however, it all starts with understanding how to get people to watch your video till the end. The above tips and tricks will help you keep your audience engaged throughout.

However, it is important that you come up  with interactive video and content for the viewers. Use Cinema8 for the production of engaging videos whether for entertainment or education.