Importance of Digital Marketing with Funnel Technique and Interactive Videos

A digital marketing camping that features the funnel technique can help your business record higher sales by turning your website visitors into loyal customers. This digital marketing funnel is a pictorial representation of the various stages in the customer's journey. The funnel breaks down the whole process and gives insight into these steps from the top, all the way down. 

Importance of Digital Marketing with Funnel Technique and Interactive Videos

Most marketing strategists fail to use this technique as they view it as a complex task. However, it is a simple practice that you can use on almost all websites. First, you'll have to go through this guide to learn more about the digital marketing funnel and its helpful to your business. 

What Is the Digital Marketing Funnel Technique?

The funnel technique in digital marketing combines marketing strategies to help you capture prospective buyers and turn them into customers. In other words, the main aim of the funnel technique is to present your products and services to as many people as possible and turn them into leads. 

This digital framework ensures that you generate maximum website traffic and nurture them in different stages to turn them into customers. The basic digital marketing funnel technique features four steps that include; 

1. Awareness

The first stage of the digital marketing funnel technique is creating product awareness. There are various ways of generating awareness and introducing your brand to the online market. This stage can be as simple as creating a single ad or as complex as designing a unique Omnichannel look that features multiple touchpoints. 
That is why it is essential to use powerful online video platforms such as Cinema8 to customize your explainer videos and make them engaging. Also, having these quality interactive features on your site keeps the visitors engaged, making it easy to turn them into loyal clients. Various social media platforms offer the best avenue to create and develop brand awareness.

There are various strategies to implement during this stage, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter marketing. It is also best to consider using Ads to reach a specific audience and drive them to your website. As you create awareness, note that your prospective clients have no clue about your products and services. Therefore, ensure that you raise their interest by demonstrating how your brand solves some of the problems they are facing. 

2. Discovery 

The Discovery stage is where the visitor takes time to read through the page contents on your website. This is the time they get to learn more about your brand after creating awareness. 
This is a very sensitive stage since it might be impossible to turn them into leads if you do anything wrong. For starters, ensure that you optimize your website to take less time to load. The average web user tends to abandon a site that takes more than two seconds to load. Another important factor to consider is your pages' layout. A site with a good page layout allows the visitor to navigate freely through the site's contents. Finally, don't forget to feature quality and engaging, interactive videos from Cinema8. 

A good funnel marketing strategy gives more information about the company's products and services. This is where you begin building the trust that will help you develop loyal customers and leads. 
The guiding principle in the second stage is to keep the visitors engaged with your content. There are various ways of doing this, such as using quality product images. However, the best features to use are interactive videos that offer an immersive 360-degree video experience. 
These are not the only tools to use during the Discovery stage. You can use as many features as possible to communicate effectively to the audience.

3. Consideration 

After driving traffic to your website and using interactive features to capture their attention, your visitors spend time viewing your products, reading product descriptions, and even subscribing to the mailing list. For this to be the case, you have to spark an interest in them. After creating this interest, they will want to purchase your products. 
Even after creating the ideal website and using Cinema8 to design immersive and engaging video content, not all visitors will purchase. However, you'll notice a significant increase in your website's checkout page. 
The consideration stage also hosts prospective clients comparing your products to other brands. Others might be reading the customer reviews and conducting further research to determine if you are their best option. 
Therefore, ensure that you provide quality products and reliable services at all times. Most visitors value and trust customer feedback more than the product descriptions. This means that negative product reviews can cause harm to your digital marketing funnel strategy.

4. Conversion 

The final and most important stage of the funnel technique is Conversion. This is the place where your prospective clients take the next step and make a purchase. The time taken to get to the Conversion stage varies as it depends on various factors such as your products, prices, and many others. 
Your visitors are satisfied that the product on offer is the right choice during this stage. You'll also notice huge traffic on your checkout page at this point. 
Apart from boosting sales, the digital marketing funnel technique is there to help you turn these satisfied visitors into loyal customers. This then leads to the Retention aspect. 

One of the best ways to ensure that the verified purchasers buy your products, again and again, is by offering bonuses and discounts. The best way to do this is to have a discount pop-up display as they check out. 
Always remember that all stages of this funnel technique complement each other. First, you have to follow the order and give each stage the special attention they need. There is no need to design the perfect marketing strategy using the digital funnel technique to lose potential clients later because of overlooking a particular stage. 

The Importance of Using Funnel Technique in Your Digital Marketing Campaign 

A marketing strategy incorporating the digital marketing funnel technique is beneficial to almost any business. This is the case for most marketers using these strategies, provided that it gets used as a whole. A successful funnel benefits your business in various ways, such as; 

1. Generating more leads 

The main goal of the digital marketing funnel technique is to generate more leads. This tool does this perfectly as it creates and builds loyal customers through a series of certified steps. Therefore, the visitors who make it to the end, the Conversion stage, are highly qualified clients. 

2. Better sales experience 

One of the benefits of using this technique is that it is easier to present your products and services. The visitors also enjoy a customized user experience where they are slowly introduced to your brand and guided through the products and services on offer.
Communicating to your potential clients during the different stages of the funnel technique makes communication effective as it is easy to focus on a particular aspect. It is also easy to guide them through different website pages and features. The funnel technique guarantees value and a great sales experience. 

3. Increasing revenue 

Having a good sales campaign is increased revenue from the high number of visitors turned to loyal customers. Implementing the Retention aspect correctly makes it easier to generate even more revenue with less effort. This is because you would have established yourself as a quality and trusted brand to your clients. 

4. Getting to know your customers better

A successful digital marketing funnel technique provides more information about your customers, mainly through the mailing list. In addition, this feature gives your prospects an avenue to give their feedback on your brand. A good marketer then uses this feedback to create better campaigns to match their changing needs and interests. 
You can also use this information to improve certain aspects of your website and marketing campaign. For instance, it gives you a chance to focus and improve on specific areas such as business marketing, resulting in increased client retention. 
The ideal marketing funnel helps you plan better by showing the point where most users drop off. This is essential as it allows you to make adjustments and customize your campaign for a much better user experience. 

5. Saving time and effort 

The ideal marketing funnel saves you time and effort when designing your next advertising strategies and other marketing campaigns. Instead of building a separate model from scratch, you can feature new products at specific stages, such as the Conversion stage. 

6. Applies to almost all customer interaction

Whether you're looking to up your online sales or generate more traffic to your website, the funnel technique is arguably the best marketing strategy to use. This funnel has the unique capability of bringing more visibility during every stage of your marketing campaign. 

Different Types of Funnel Techniques in Digital Marketing 

Various types of marketing funnels depend on the type of campaign. The ideal technique to use should match the task at hand. For instance, are you working on a video Ad social media ad, or a content-making campaign? 
Despite the different names, the funnel technique works the same way; They guide the visitor through effective steps that turn them into a conversion. 

Tips to Consider When Using Funnel Technique In Your Digital Marketing Campaign 

It is now easier to use the funnel technique in your digital marketing campaigns. However, if you wish to have a much better experience and results, here are some tips to help you get more leads; 

•    Know your audience
The best way to design the ideal funnel marketing is by knowing your audience and understanding their pain, needs, and wants. It is even better to research your potential clients and determine how effective the campaign can be. Customer feedback is also a good way of viewing your products and services differently. 

•    Understand your buyer's journey 
After understanding your audience's needs and wants, it is also important to understand how they interact with websites and other online features. It is best to determine what social media platforms they prefer, what causes them to purchase, and much more. These questions allow you to create the best marketing campaign that easily pushes visitors through. 

•    Determine the number of stages 
This review has four basic stages of the funnel technique, but that isn't all. There are other steps to consider, such as other post-purchase stages. These steps can be relevant or irrelevant depending on the task at hand. 

As you determine the number of stages to feature in your campaign, ensure that you consider your buyers' behaviors. Also, don't get carried away and choose many steps that some visitors might find exhausting. 

•    Using a CRM system 
Successful companies use the CRM system to maintain a healthy relationship with their clients. This system allows you to record and keep track of each deal made. In addition, these systems are very convenient such that, apart from keeping track of the deals, they store the client's information and make it easy to communicate with customers through the mail or chatbox. 

•    Keep customizing 
Designing the perfect funnel marketing campaign on your first trial is almost impossible. First, you need to use a good strategy then watch how your visitors relate to it. This means that you have to keep track of the performance after making any adjustments. 
The best way to customize your campaign is to try out various tactics. However, don't forget to keep track of the changes and consider the customer's changing needs. 


The funnel technique has helped many businesses increase their revenue by generating more leads. This technique guarantees you quality results if used correctly. If you aren't using this technique to drive traffic to your website and turn them into loyal customers, you are missing out on a lot. 

After going through this review, you understand this technique and its usefulness. It's time to emulate the big brands and enjoy the benefits of digital marketing using the funnel technique.