How to Shoot Video Outside

With the growth of video marketing, more entrepreneurs are beginning to produce videos to publicize their services and products. Because of this, it is common for doubts to arise regarding the quality of the recording, especially when shooting outside. Many people think that only companies with large video production teams can shoot videos outside. 

However, filming outdoors is a good option for those who want to start betting on beautiful and flashy videos, using external scenarios and lighting. Thus, in this article, you will be intimated on shooting videos outside and what tools to use, in addition to checking tips so that the recordings are of good quality. Here we go:

Why Shoot Video Outside?

Doing an external shoot is not as simple a task as it seems. Wind, traffic, variation in the incidence of sunlight, rain, other people passing by the place…There are countless difficulties and variables that cannot be controlled by those who shoot videos externally. With so much that can disturb the recording, you must be asking yourself: " Why would anyone want to shoot video outside, since there are so many difficulties? "

The external filming, when done well, makes the videos look more professional and attractive. Imagine, for example, the beautiful natural surroundings of your city, appearing to the customers of your company in the videos you produce. In addition, external filming helps to save money. This is quite important for companies that are still moving in video marketing strategy and do not have much lighting equipment at their disposal. Thus, it is very worthwhile to face the challenges and often uncontrollable variables of the external environments to make the recording of rich videos outside.

Such video will also fit very well in the image that your company wants to convey without breaking the budget available for the video marketing strategy.

How to Shoot Video Outside 

Video quality is an important thing to consider when producing content for your company's video marketing strategy. Whether in-studio recordings or outdoors, two aspects deserve attention so that the video has quality: the audio and lighting.

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During external shooting, controlling these factors can become a little more complicated. After all, there are many factors that cannot be controlled, such as:

  • The wind  which can change direction and intensity at any time;
  • Concentration or dissipation of clouds , which affect the natural lighting of the external footage;
  • Noises from the environment , such as those coming from people, cars, construction works in the vicinity, animals, etc .;

These factors directly influence the quality of the video. After all, they alter the lighting that will affect whoever is in the background or even the shape and sharpness with which the audio will be captured and recorded.

So, below, we will give some basic tips so that you can control some factors of the external filming. And at the end, record good videos.

Basic Tips When Shooting Video Outside

  • Have guidelines already for the day when the weather is interesting for that. After all, you may not  have control of the outside climate, but you can be  prepared for days without rain or with the sun not so strong;
  • Prefer cloudy days to avoid excessive sun. Thus, you will have much control over the incidence of light in your video;
  • If it is not possible to record only on cloudy days, prefer to record at the beginning or at the end of the day. At these times, the sun will no longer directly affect anyone on the plane;
  • Try to record in shadows, it can be between buildings or even under a tree. That way, you can enjoy natural light, without harming the scene;
  • Learn to ignore the presence of other people. Many may even want to disturb you on purpose, drawing your attention or passing behind you;
  • Have a quality microphone. After all, an external audio recording is more complicated, given the presence of noise from the environment;
  • Define  the framework and plans that will be used. Try to fit the person in the scene next to the external scene defined for the filming;
  • Try to value the environment, but without taking the focus off the content it aims to convey.

Shooting Video Outside:  Some tools are necessary for the outside shoots.

Now you know the precautions you ought to take to make a good external shot. So, it's time to see some equipment and tools that are indispensable for quality outdoor video.

 1. Camera

Contrary to what you may even be thinking, the camera does not need to be a piece of professional and expensive equipment. On the contrary, even smartphone cameras have sufficient quality to capture good quality videos outdoors. If you want to use your cell phone, all you need to do is set up the device properly. Thus, the camera of the device will adapt to the level of external lighting with ease.

Some applications, such as ProCamera and Google Camera, usually help with this function. They also enable truly professional functions on the cell phone, such as lighting adjustment, scene treatment, among other tools. But, if you can and prefer to shoot outside with a professional camera, be aware of the type of equipment and the lenses. Observe and configure the equipment according to the ambient light conditions.

2. Microphone

As with cameras, capturing audio also does not require expensive and professional equipment.

However, here, more care is needed. It is  the audio that the message of your video will be transmitted to the viewer. Thus, any factor that impairs its sound or understanding by those watching the video will seriously impair its quality.

For external shooting, our recommendation is to use microphones for external audio capture (independently from the camera) and that are conducive to noise suppression.

Two examples are lapel microphones. They are discreet and unidirectional, which helps to eliminate external noise and echo in the videos. Other options are Boom or Shotgun microphones, which can be handled by people outside the scene and do not need to be close to the source of the sound.

3. Tripod

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Another very important tool for making video outside is a tripod. Since you probably won't have a professional cameraman on hand who will hold the camera during recording, the tripod will help prevent blurry images.

With it, you can safely position the camera and, in some models, even the microphone, preventing the image from being blurred. In addition, you will have the freedom to gesture in front of the camera, as you do not have to hold the equipment all the time. So, when shooting a video outside, don't forget to take the tripod with you, as it will be an important aid in ensuring the recording of a quality video.


In conclusion, either to publish on social networks or as a strategy to reach brands, videos are privileged and have already become one of the most consumed media today. In this context, the videos' quality acquires enormous importance since the idea is to produce increasingly attractive and aesthetically beautiful materials outside. Thinking about that, the steps highlighted above on how to shoot videos outside would be indispensable.