How effective is your brand when it comes to customer engagement? Are you actively addressing their concerns, opinions, and their perception of your brand? Are you putting the right people for the job? What tactics do you employ to keep their attention on you?

If you are doing things half-heartedly, then you will continue to fail. The biggest mistake a brand can make is to have the complacency to think that the customers stick only because of the product. WRONG! Customer retention starts with divine customer service and practical interactive tools to motivate rapport and connect with them.

Now, how do you start this then? Interactive Videos are your best friend. Why? Because you can digest information easily through visuals rather than a novel of text—Attention is the key here, and interactive videos perfectly encapsulate that!

Interactive videos are what it says—it’s a way for you to interact with your audience to the next level effectively. There are ten practical examples of interactive videos.

  • Branching for its creative nature and limitless possibilities. 
  • Hotspots to highlight clickable areas to a key point.
  • Multi-view for a 360-degree perspective.
  • Links to be integrated for easier access.
  • Shoppable Video to show your products in an engaging experience.
  • Adaptive Quizzing for a personalized experience for the viewers.
  • Embedded Widgets a next-level visual representation of links.
  • Personalization to make your videos targeted and more personal to the audience.
  • Live Participation to have your audience participate in the “story.”
  • Insights and Lead Generation to consolidate information and get insights.

With this information at hand, will you still stick to your old ways of customer engagements? Probably not! If you think technology hampered your company’s growth, think again—technology brought everyone closer and its your due diligence to capitalize on it!

If you want your customers to keep coming back for you, engage yourself with them. This episode was made to push your boundaries and break that shell. Embrace the gift of technology and advance your content through interactive videos!