Gaming is a widely popular concept in today's world. Almost everyone plays some kind of mobile game on their phones because it is fun and interesting. What a better way to pass time on the subway, right? So why not use this concept on e-learning platforms to make them more interesting and engaging? Gamification is undoubtely one of the best methods to use on e-learning platforms and you should take advantage of it.

Gamification enhanced the capabilities of e-learning by a huge margin with its high functionality. It has proven to be a very effective teaching and learning tool. Gamification on e-learning platforms is gaining a huge amount of popularity and is seen as the future of the e-learning industry. With the recent developments in the e-learning industry, it is essential to adapt to these changes and use gamification on courses. With all its advantages, who would want to miss out on these opportunities?

What is Gamification and why is it Important?

Contrary to popular belief, the use of gamification on learning platforms is not as new as it sounds. It might surprise many people but the grading system in schools is an example of gamification. Gamification is about getting a score and leveling up in a course just like grades. But there is a really big difference between these two concepts. Getting a score in a written exam is not fun in any way and it leaves very little room for improvement. Once you get a grade it is final and unchangeable. On the other hand, gamification allows the learners to try again and improve. Most of all, gamification is fun, it is an absolute blast to learn with proper gamification. Let's be honest, who wouldn't want to get a high score in any kind of game. With gamification, high scores mean better learning on e-learning platforms. It does wonders for the employees and the business itself.

What are the Benefits of Gamification?

Gamification on e-learning platforms has critical benefits for learners. First of all, gamification engages learners with the content. People tend to seek entertainment in various forms constantly throughout their life. Entertainment holds great value for mankind and it is one of the few concepts which can hold a person’s interest far longer than other things. Therefore, employees enjoy the elements of gamification because they ease the learning and make it much more fun.

The use of gamification on e-learning platforms is a huge boost for motivation. Gamification creates goals for users to accomplish and this in return motivates them to work in order to achieve these goals. Gamification also does wonders for employee training purposes. Since it is a very engaging method, employees are likely to remember what they learned during training. Last but not least, gamification allows companies to track employee performance easily and get instantaneous feedback on their progress.

Ways to Apply Gamification in Courses

Gamification can be applied via various methods to e-learning courses. The score is an important aspect of most games. Getting a high score is a motivating factor in games and it yields good results when applied to e-learning courses. Therefore, adding a leaderboards function to a course will promote healthy competition between users and make the course more efficient.

Many mobile game applications use some sort of trophy or badge system to reward their users. People love to brag and these bragging rights have a positive effect on the users and can be easily applied to e-learning platforms. For instance, badges or points can be given to users when they complete specific tasks on the platform. Similar to this, an implementation of a leveling system would be beneficial for the learning process because it will inform the users of how far they have come and prevent them from losing their sight of their goal.

Lastly, used in many different fields, the simulation technique is one of the best learning methods. It is also a very popular gaming genre and includes Sims and Euro Truck Simulator. Simulation allows the instructors to create various scenarios that the employees might face. It is also possible to build complex environments with simulation without having to use real resources.
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