Contribution of Advertorial AD Model with Interactive Videos and Its Impact On Sales

One of the challenges most marketers face is potential clients do not regard their products and services as credible. Therefore, this forced them to come up with ways to present their products in the most appealing way to increase consumer interest, which gave rise to advertorials, a new digital form of advertising. 
Most small-scale businesses use traditional advertising but are it as effective as using an advertorial? Advertorials offer a more personalized marketing experience as they provide more product information, and viewers tend to react better to them primarily because of the call-to-action feature. But how well do you know about the Advertorial AD Model?

Advertorials are one of the effective marketing strategies big brands use to promote their products and services. If you haven’t incorporated advertorials in your marketing campaign, this guide will give you a detailed description of this marketing tool and how essential it is if you want to boost your online sales. 
Before proceeding further, it is essential to note that a good marketing campaign requires quality product images and engaging explainer videos. At Cinema8, there is a guide to help you create immersive 360-degree explainer videos. 

Contribution of Advertorial AD Model with Interactive Videos and Its Impact On Sales

What Is an Advertorial?

The word advertorial is a composite word from “advertisement” and “editorial .” This implies that it is a type of advertisement that includes editorial contributions. These digital advertisements usually appear on websites and magazines. 

Advertorials take many forms as they can be a page, article, or interactive video that look like journalistic content but are paid Ads. These digital marketing tools are the best to convey helpful information about your brands, such as your products, services, and objectives. 
Most companies using advertorials in their marketing campaigns drive more traffic to their sites and more generate product views. This proves that they are more effective compared to traditional advertisements. 

Advertorials Vs. Traditional Advertisements 

It’s ok to think of advertorials as enhanced traditional advertisements that do not rely on famous people, catchy slogans, or music to keep viewers engaged. These advertising tools provide helpful information to the viewers in an ideal way. 
For small business owners, advertorials are the economical advertising options for their products. Traditional advertisements can be expensive, and they can waste money and resources since they offer more minor interactions. 

Another difference between the two is that it is not easy to identify and measure the effects of a traditional advertising campaign. On the other hand, advertisers can help you determine how the prospective buyers reacted to your ad, which helps you evaluate the campaign’s success. 
Advertorials are way more beneficial than the traditional form of advertising. If you have a small to medium-sized business, these tools offer a more level playing field to compete with large and well-established companies. Ensure that you have an experienced team of marketing and advertising experts to help you achieve this. Also, it is essential to understand how to generate leads and sell your products with interactive videos. 

How Do Advertorials Impact Sales? 

Advertorials are practical tools for boosting sales, and this is evident in the numerous studies that show they increase the viewer’s attention and message recall. These are the significant factors that drive prospective clients to purchase your products. 

People nowadays are beginning to become hostile to traditional Ads such as banners. Unlike traditional advertisements, most web users prefer these tools to pass information effectively. The more the customer knows about your products, the more confident they become, increasing the chances of opting for your services. 
Also, providing more information about your company, aims and objectives make your clients feel like part of the organization. This is crucial if you wish to turn your leads into loyal customers. 
Advertorials are unique advertising tools with more exciting headings and engaging content lure visitors. These Ads increase the interest in viewers, making them want to know more about the featured products. Raising such interest increases traffic to your website and the chances of making huge sales. 
The most important benefit of using advertorials is that the readers feel like the product satisfies their needs and wants after reading it through. This leads to them making a purchasing decision that directly increases your sales. 
Therefore, a well-designed advertorial increases one’s chances of registering more leads leading to increased sales. If you haven’t started using this digital advertising strategy, you’re leaving money on the table. Don’t forget to visit Cinema8 to learn how to prepare sales and market training. 

How to Design the Ideal Advertorial AD Model 

After learning how essential advertorials are in boosting online sales, it’s time to learn how to create the perfect Ad for your brand. The main challenge when designing these tools is that if pushed too hard, advertorials may leave a negative impression on the readers. Therefore, use this step-by-step guide to understand how to design one correctly. 

Contribution of Advertorial AD Model with Interactive Videos and Its Impact On Sales

1. Understand the publication 

Research is the most crucial step in copywriting that most marketers take for granted. Understand that every business has a unique voice and tone, and therefore, it is crucial to understand how the magazine you’re considering voices its content. 
This stage involves reading featured advertorials and articles to determine their authoritative voice. You can choose to further engage with the editors to learn more about their work. 
Doing this puts you in a great position to design an advertorial with a similar structure and design. This increases the chances of the publication accepting your work. Therefore, if you want your audience to relate well with your advertorial, understand the publication, take notes, and create one similar to those featured on their pages. 

2. Know your audience 

Statistics show that about 60% of successful marketers agree that understanding the consumer’s persona is crucial if you want to make your marketing campaign effective. This is also part of the research process that involves understanding the publication’s audience. 
What are the demographics of your target audience? What are some of the challenges they face? Is there any information gap? What are their needs and wants? Asking all these questions helps you research and know your audience. 
The good news is that all this information is readily available and all you have to do is ask the client. These publications have data and materials to help your advertorial be relevant to the readers. 
Another good place to retrieve such information is in the comments section. This page on the digital publication gives you insight into the reader’s feelings, concerns, and ideas about a particular topic. 

3. Design an attractive headline

The average reader reads the headline to help them gauge if they’ll be interested in the content. Very few people will view your advertorial if you have a flat headline. This can be disappointing, considering the amount of time and effort invested when designing one. 
There are various strategies to design the ideal headline, such as exploring different headlines. Doing this gives you insight into these headlines and how the audience reacted to them. Therefore, you need to ensure that every sentence and paragraph interact smoothly and build up your content. 
Here are some tips to help you design an attractive headline for your advertorial:
• Create a sense of urgency - Creating a sense of urgency makes the reader feel like they are missing out on something great, increasing their interest. Many consumers purchase products based on this fear of missing out on a great deal. The best way to create this fear is by using words such as Quick, Hurry, and Limited in your advertorial headlines. 

• Asking a question - This trick is effective once you understand your audience and know the challenges they face. Asking questions gives you leverage as it creates a need for the viewer to read your content. Therefore, it is best to use this technique to study and utilize the buyer’s persona to design a compelling headline. 

• Learn from buzz feeds - Buzz feeds widely known because of their clickbait headlines, and there is a lot you can from them. These articles feature bold and controversial statements that grab their attention instantly. The Buzz feeds available in almost all publications and websites. 

4. Tell your story 

After designing the ideal headline to capture the reader’s attention, tell your story naturally through your words and tone. Stories are great tools to make your reader relate to your content. 
These stories occur in the brain’s imagination, responsible for emotion, intuition, and creativity. Engaging with this part of the brain makes it easier to keep your readers engaged. 
One of the effective strategies to tell your story is to center your advertorial around a real character. This makes it easier to tell their story and makes the experience honest and transparent. 
As you tell the story, don’t forget to give insight into how the product solves a problem. As much as you can create the most attractive headline, the readers want to know more about what you’re offering and how it will benefit them.  
Therefore, you need to highlight the features of your products and their importance. The best way to do this is to ensure the features are factual and the benefits are emotional. It is essential to clearly define the benefits of using your products in the advertorial if you want your readers to find your services interesting. 

5. End with a call to action 

After readers go through your exciting advertorial content, the next feature to use is the call to action. These phrases give the readers a little push to purchase or check out other products and services. There is no competitive advertorial without a call to action. 
These phrases are effective since they guide the reader on what to do next. Big and successful brands use them to generate more sales and improve client engagement by collecting emails.
This guide is here to help you design a standard advertorial to help you boost your brand. However, experienced marketers use more complex Advertorial AD models for a more personalized experience. The more you interact and create these advertising tools, the better you understand them, and it becomes easier to customize yours for your readers. 

Features of A Good Advertorial AD Model 
As much as there are different strategies to use to create your ideal digital marketing tool, a good advertorial; 

•  It has an epic headline 
The headline is the first feature that readers interact with. Therefore, designing one that draws their attention and increases the need to read through is essential. Consider using strategies such as mystery, urgency, and state benefits.

•  A good introduction 
After capturing the reader’s attention through your catchy headline, the next step is to make them stay. Therefore, create an introduction that complements your headline and introduces your reader to the article. 

•  Relatable stories
As much as you can get creative when telling your story, ensure it is relatable. Mention how your products solved a real-life challenge if you want to build a strong connection with your readers. Use data to back your claims by mentioning precise numbers, statistics, and studies. 

•  Clear product description
Your advertorial might be the only chance you have to showcase your products. Therefore, give a clear product description and don’t forget to mention the benefits of people using it. 

•  Clear images
Using images in your advertorials can be advantageous since they can act as salespeople. Images help sell products by offering a visual presentation of the featured product.

•  Call to action 
The ideal advertorial has a call to action that guides the reader on the next step. Using these phrases increases the chances of readers purchasing your products. 

Bottom Line 

Any successful business owner understands how crucial advertising is if one wants to boost their sales. With various advertising options available, it becomes tricky to pick the best option to use. However, advertorials are arguably the best marketing strategy for any business. These digital advertising tools are affordable and effective marketing options for small and medium-sized businesses. Hurry and design your perfect advertorial today!