Generating Leads and Selling Your Product with Interactive Video

It’s no secret that selling products or services is the goal of every business. Achieving that goal, however, can be quite challenging! No matter how well-made your product is, selling it to customers can be a difficult task. Therefore, an effective lead generation strategy is an integral part of any successful business model.

In order to reach more people and engage your audience, you need to be creative. People are constantly flooded with media content on the internet. Your product needs to be enticing in order for them to choose yours.

As technology advances so rapidly, customer preferences continually change. It is becoming more difficult to develop relationships with customers and attract new ones using traditional methods. The need to connect with your audience emotionally has never been greater than it is today. Make sure to deliver your content in an engaging manner that grabs your audience's interest and gives them a sense of inclusion.

It is crucial to note the following:

●    The use of interactive video content is proven to generate the highest levels of conversion - both online and off.
●    In contrast, the personalized video combines visual appeal with the increasing desire of brands to have one-to-one conversations with their audience. What can be better?

What Makes Interactive Video Content Important?

Interactive video is digital content that enables viewers to engage with the message conveyed. Viewers can interact with the video by clicking on-screen, answering questions, and even buying products - all options available within the video.

It is useful to engage viewers through interactive video content. It enables you to get a response from your audience, creating two-way communication between your brand and your audience. Furthermore, it gives you an opportunity to develop effective and engaging interactive tools for lead generation and increase return on investment.

It is likely that your interactive video will be shared on several social media platforms by your audience, making it more likely that their friends will also be able to view it - giving you more potential customers. As a result, you gain more traffic to your site and encourage word-of-mouth marketing. Potential customers are encouraged to go through the buying process with the video, which facilitates better results.

Generating Leads and Selling Your Product with Interactive Video

Moreover, you have an advantage over your competitors with it, as well as a way to cut through the media clutter. Additionally, it can be used to improve your sales strategy by gaining valuable information regarding your customers.

A few more benefits of having an interactive video in your marketing strategy include: 

 - Video files can be viewed and shared easily on mobile phones thanks to mobile-friendly formats.
 - It is easy to customize the name, location, and content.
 - Data collection is more convenient and easier now.
 - There is a higher rate of viewer attention - and for longer periods of time.

Lead Generation and Sales Through Interactive Marketing Videos

Adding interactive features engages viewers and makes them feel like they are a part of the process while allowing them to gain insight into what they desire. By adding effective and interactive call to action and marketing elements along with interactive features, you will see a boost in your lead generation and sales. 
Tips to Develop Lead Generating and Sales Boosting Interactive Video
No matter how nicely and uniquely you manufacture a product, it will fail to achieve its goal if you don’t follow the right marketing strategy. Interactive videos are the leading and most commonly used method of grabbing customers’ attention. 

Generating Leads and Selling Your Product with Interactive Video

You can build several different features into your marketing video to make it more interactive and enjoyable for your viewers. Following are some tips you can use for your interactive marketing video:
1. Provide Your Customers With a Demo

Increase awareness of your product by providing your customers with a demo. Make your viewer aware of the features of your product by including a step-by-step tutorial. They are more likely to be drawn to the product if they know its purpose and how it can be used. A content gate at some point in the video can turn it into a lead generator since it allows the viewer to view further content only after providing his or her contact information.

2. Make a Shoppable Video

Can you think of having your customers order your product through a video? Yes, it is possible. Your customers can pause the video, select any product they like, and proceed with buying it. 

Many companies are already using videos as part of their online marketing strategies. However, you can’t just rely on producing engaging and creative videos to attract buyers. If you are really willing to stay ahead of your competitors, do something they aren’t doing. Use shoppable videos! 

Customers are guided through the buying process in a shorter amount of time and sales are streamlined like never before. Unlike the mundane experience many retailers provide, shoppable video interactions drive actions more frequently. Think of a compelling story, or feature your products by for instance adding hot spots to your catwalk that link to more information. It may also be possible to provide them with an option through which they add the product to their shopping cart.   

When clicked on the product within the video, the viewer will be directed to a page with information such as:

●    Contact Information 
●    Product Details
●    Reviews
●    Buying Details

3. Use Gamification, Contests, or Quizzes

Another interactive element you can use in your videos while maintaining your marketing strategy is by adding mini-games, contests, or quizzes. Develop and incorporate these features to let people know more about your product. To satisfy their curiosity - knowing the results - or win prizes, make them leave their contact details. 

With Cinema8’s analytical features, you can personalize your videos and know your audience’s engagement. To learn more, read our article on Understand Audience Engagement.

4. Use Webinar Recording to Educate Your Audience

Leads can be generated using existing content, such as the recordings of your webinar. The viewer is required to provide contact information prior to watching the recording. For users who may not watch the entire 30-45 mins video, consider including a jump-off point or additional information.

5. Add 360 View Option 

The 360 View feature enables the viewer to see the video from different angles. This helps them become fully aware of how the product looks as a whole and what features they can expect from it. Therefore, skipping the 360 views feature in your interactive video is the biggest mistake you can make in your marketing strategy. 

Generating Leads and Selling Your Product with Interactive Video

Consider using Cinema8 to create such videos if you're worried about how to do it. You won’t need to go through several complex processes to develop one. With Cinema8, all you need to do is just drag and drop and you’re done!

Learn more about 360 Views by reading our blog post on Augmented Reality with 360 interactive Videos. 

How Interactive Videos Increase Lead Generation and Sales?

Because interactive videos are so appealing, they capture the viewer's attention. In turn, this increases click rates, reinforces brand retention, improves top-of-mind awareness, and encourages return visits. Consequently, you will achieve better lead generation.

Your audience can also be educated about your services using an interactive video. With these experiences, your sessions will be more interactive and interesting, which will encourage your customers to come back. Why would they not want to take advantage of the fact that they have everything contained in one video? This way, your sales team is more likely to convert those leads to clients.

You will find that potential customers and clients become more responsive when you create personalized experiences for them. This allows you to learn more about their issues, interests, and the best way to meet their needs.

Create a difference between yourself and your competition. Create a unique customer experience with interactive videos and make your campaigns more engaging. It is ultimately Interactive videos that help you increase sales and conversions.

Additionally, interactive media can be used to accomplish the following goals:
- Increasing email list
- Registering for an event or signing up
- Capturing leads and prequalifying sales leads using contact forms
- Hot spots that can link to other sources
- An online poll tied to a marketing campaign generates leads
- Increase engagement with webinar content that has menus
- Shoppable videos for in-video sales

Read our article on Tips to Hook Your Audience in the First 5 Seconds to make them stay and interested. 
How to Create Interactive Videos for Lead Generation?

In order to enhance your product videos, you should create interactive videos. These videos will help your customers experience your products more deeply. Additionally, viewers can browse the video content and select the products of most interest to them.

It is possible to make interactive videos that are of high quality even if you don't have much technical expertise or high-tech video skills. And it becomes a lot easier when you use Cinema8. It offers interesting and easy-to-use features that customize to meet your business needs.

Follow these steps to make interactive videos for lead generation and sales:

1. Develop Measurable KPIs

Setting measurable goals is key to the success of your video. Goals could include growing awareness on social media platforms, improving website traffic, or increasing quality leads.

Identify your current status by conducting research. Using this method, it is easier to set KPIs that are relevant and will have the right impact on your business. Additionally, you will be able to determine what types of videos to create. For example, if you want to increase LinkedIn engagement, consider increasing shares and comments by 50%.

2. Develop Interactive Videos for Competitions

With competitions, your videos can generate more engagement. You can further enhance interaction by adding video quizzes, games, and surveys. Among all the interactive elements, gaming is the most popular activity on the web. It can also serve as an effective method of attracting new audiences.

Your viewers will be immersed in your stories when you use gaming elements. Gamification allows them to set goals and also create challenges for themselves. Also, with the help of these features, you can entice people to complete your forms and quizzes.

You can also come up with short and fun quizzes and questionnaires that will help your visitors become more familiar with your platform. The main benefit of quizzes, competitions, and games is that they allow you to give your visitors something to enjoy prior to asking them for anything in return. By doing so, you will earn more trust from them. 

Read our articles on 7 Pro Tips to Gamify Content Marketing Strategies and Gamification Videos - A Handy Asset in Today’s Time for more information.

3. Identify Your Target Audience

It's crucial to understand your audience as this will help you create videos that are relevant to them. When you know them, you can create videos that talk about their hopes, preferences, fears, and dreams. Furthermore, it facilitates the choice of the right styles, graphics, and setting necessary to create an effective video. In order to better understand your audience and build strong connections with them, integrate your video platform with CRM softwares and marketing automation.

4. Use the Right Tools

Different tools are available for creating interactive videos. Are you planning to share your videos across many platforms? For you to find the right software solution, determine your needs from the beginning.

Make sure the tools you choose are easy to use. No fancy equipment is required to create excellent interactive videos. A good tool will allow you to seamlessly add feedback, clickable areas, share buttons, 360 view options, custom forms, branching options, gamification, and other engaging features.

Ideally, you should choose a tool that is scalable and can easily accommodate new changes. That way, you can easily add or update video content as needed. One of the best tools is one that provides analytics and reporting features. By doing so, you are able to monitor how your site is performing and how visitors are interacting with it. You don’t need different or expensive tools to have all these features, Cinema8 offers all these with a lot more fun features that are easy to use. 


Businesses can communicate more effectively with customers and generate more leads through interactive videos. Interactive video generates active viewer engagement and social sharing, as opposed to passive video. Since this media form is so effective, many marketing firms invest heavily in it and use it both to create high-quality leads and to build profiles.

Is one of your marketing goals for this year to increase engagement with your prospects and customers? Does your marketing plan use interactive video? If not, consider using these videos to bolster your marketing strategy and build a more powerful digital marketing campaign. Also, don’t forget to add them to your marketing automation and CRM integration.