It is a stroke of hard luck to say that brands have the ability to grow on its own without taking help from the marketing strategies. The fact cannot be denied at any point that on the off chance a brand wishes to gain success, they must implement the powerful and effective marketing strategies in their business plan so that they can accomplish their goals.

Cinema8 Blog - 15 Different Types of Video Marketing
Among all the marketing strategies that businesses follow these days, video marketing is indeed the most useful and effective one. There is no doubt to the reality that with the help of the video marketing strategies, many brands picked up themselves from below the surface and placed the name of their brand on the top of the array.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is a very trusted tool for the brands and organisations of this time and era. The concept of Video Marketing is to utilise the video in order to promote and market the product or service a brand has to offer. The main idea behind this strategy is to enhance the engagement on the company's digital and social podiums. Moreover, they are being used to gain ease in educating the customer and other potential consumers about the new launch of the products or services. Video Marketing is doubtlessly very helpful in reaching to the audience with the use of the new medium.

There can be various ways video marketing can be utilised. From building the customer relationship to all the way to promote your brand, services, and products, video marketing can act like an extremely supportive tool.

Additionally, video marketing can also serve as an effective medium that can be utilised to present how-to's, promote live-stream events, display customer testimonials, and as well in delivering viral and most entertaining content. The only obligation is to be creative while coming up with content that can easily fascinate the audience with its appearance.

Importance of Video Marketing

It has been noticed that four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video based on the brand's product or service rather than reading the entire product description. This discovery shows that there is a great importance of the videos in the entire marketing sector.

The video encourages the organisation or a brand to associate with the relevant crowd. Today, such a large amount of an organisation's marketing endeavours is intended to help fabricate trust. Video is the extension that joins what you state to who you truly are, permitting clients to peer behind the drape and become more acquainted with your image.

Moreover, it is also true that video is an SEO gold mine. It plays a very significant role in helping assemble backlinks to your website. It is also an exceptional assistant in boosting preferences and offers (which can impact search rankings) and directing people to your company's website. What is more, we should not overlook that YouTube is possessed by Google, so make certain to present your videos on YouTube and tag, with keywords, catchphrases, and key expressions.

One of the most significant about videos is that it helps with data maintenance. On the off chance that your clients only hear something, they are probably going to hold about 10% of that data three days after the fact; paradoxically, if what they hear is accompanied by relevant symbolism or imagery, they will hold an average 65% of that data three days after the fact.

15 Amazing Types of Video Marketing That Can Benefit Your Business

It is known by everyone across the globe, especially by the business pioneers that video marketing is no more just a luxury that can benefit your organisation. In fact, video marketing has become the most robust and powerful asset that can take the brand's name and success to dazzling heights. Since the video marketing strategies has so much evolved, numerous forms of video marketing techniques have come forth to benefit the organisations.
We have conducted thorough research on various types of video marketing and gathered all the significant information about it. All the information regarding the types and categories of video marketing are assembled and discussed below to help you broaden your knowledge.

1.    Branded Informational Videos

Any video whose main role is to pass on significant information or data that cannot focus on the viewer and is boosted by low-key branding.

2.    Branded Entertainment

Any video, whose basic role is to engage that is encouraged somehow or another by self-effacing product placement or bland branding.

3.    Promotional Videos of the Product or Service

Product promotions are the most widely recognised kind of marketing video. Most of broadcast television advertisements and web-based online product promotions centre around the key benefit(s) or attribute(s) of product or service. 

As communicating advertisement on the television (packaged projects) is gradually being supplanted by streaming and on-request content, the nature and organisation of product videos are starting to develop and evolve effectually.

4.    Product Demonstrations

Product Demonstrations vary from Product Promotions in one significant manner. Product demos bring a profound plunge into the highlights and advantages for the individuals who are genuinely thinking about buying the product. These videos are focused on the individuals who are further along the purchasing cycle and are truly thinking about a buy. These videos are increasingly basic where the purchasing choice is progressively unpredictable, the time allotments are longer, and the product cost is high – normally in B2B contributions.

5.    Launch Videos

Launch videos are an extraordinary and explicit type of product promotional video. Launch videos are the 'headliner' videos that new businesses and generally young organisations use to exhibit their new contribution. They might be continued by other, smaller videos, however 'launch videos' are the prominent videos proposed to establish the pace for the new product or service. Properly established organisations additionally make these videos to reset a product or launch a significant new product category. 

Launch videos are turning out to be progressively significant in today's time, on the grounds that the fateful opening for new tech products is thin and you do not have the advantage of the time to test various methodologies and positioning. It is imperative to get these spectacular videos right in the first place, as there will definitely be no second chance with the launch videos. A brand should be careful with their strategies of utilising the launch videos to keep themselves in the safe zone.

6.    Animated Explainer Videos

Another most intriguing way to use the video in marketing is to represent them in the form of explainer videos. These videos are indeed captivating as they are represented in the animated form. They generally include all the information regarding the product or services, explained in an extremely easy manner that is comprehendible by everyone. The foremost reason why these videos picked up great hype in several industries is because of the animation work that is believed to be exceedingly helpful in gaining the attention of the crowd.

7.    Event Videos

Event Videos are generally considered as a pillar of corporate video. They incorporate capturing footage of corporate supported events and making marketing and instructive videos from the participation at an enormous public expo or annual events. They can likewise incorporate live streaming of various events and meetings that the organisation is partaking in at the event. Event videos are one of the greatest substandard chance for most organisations.

8.    Infomercials

Infomercials, when the exclusive and selective domain of late-night link stations or cable channels, are attempting to advance onto the inter-webs as the pool of exhausted, cable-watching restless people is quickly lessening and diminishing. Infomercials are commonly long structure (15 to 30 minutes) "shows" that feature the highlights and advantages of a particular product and regularly incorporate an immediate deals channel related to the video. They are normally very captivating in acquiring the audience's attention.

9.    In-Store/Lobby/Office Videos

There will consistently be another wall to hang another screen on. Attention spans are somewhat longer for these kinds of videos than with announcements, and the potential client is regularly a lot further along the purchasing cycle. These videos are intended to be a helper for the customers in decision-making and consideration instead of awareness.

10.    Customer Testimonials Video

Using customer testimonials for video marketing is one of the most effective solutions to gather the attention of the intended crowd. Displaying the feedback of the customers can engage potential clients and help them with decision-making. Normally the duration of the testimonial videos of the customers can vary from 20 seconds to two minutes.

11.    Customer Success Story in Video Format

A customer success story is a video that incorporates the entire experience of the customer with your brand. The purpose of this video to be used for the marketing strategy is to tell the audience about the complete story that will majorly highlight how your brand assisted the respective client in gaining success. The customer success story video is created with the collaboration of the customer who is willing to share their experience that they had the brand to the rest of the world.

12.    Video of Third-Party Product Reviews

The most believed surveys are outsider product audits. Video reviews or audits can be found anyplace from YouTube to different business portals. To the degree they are certain and advance your image, they ought to be referenced. You can likewise band together with trusted third parties to do product surveys for your products or services. These videos are getting extremely compelling on social media platforms.

13.    Video of Company Overview
The company overview video highlights all the significant features of the organisation. A company can share their success story, their journey over the past years, and how they were able to meet the challenges to accomplish their goals. Even though these videos have a goal in marketing, but their place is getting smaller. Talking about yourself does not seem to be having the cache these days as it used to have a generation ago.

14.    Promo Video of Corporate Events

Corporate event promotion videos are not the same as ordinary event videos in one significant manner – CEPV's (Corporate Event Promo Videos) are videos made to advance your own event. In the event that you possess the event, at that point you will likely need to make a promotional video to persuade your crowd to go to your event whenever or wherever it is intended to take place. The best time to get ready for these videos is before your event begins.

15.    Video of Corporate Interviews

These videos can take on numerous structures; however, two of the most widely recognised formats are interviews and corporate talk shows. You discover an area to film, and you welcome specialists, thought pioneers and other intriguing individuals to accompany regards to and talk about things that are important to your client base. Your questioner is normally an expressive representative with wide information and great on-camera aptitudes.