Data is becoming increasingly important today. Data, which is a great benefit in planning the future, helps us shape the future by showing what we did wrong in the past.

Companies that can keep up with the fact that data as a trend enter our lives so much are one step ahead of their competitors. Because the use of data can prevent many potential damages, as well as making it easier to identify your shortcomings from your competitors.

With the use of data;

Development: It has become easier to create more useful work with fewer resources. By means of the meaningful data you have, you can exclude actions that are not worth the time you spend from your business plan, and devote more time to more useful aspects, just like a sculptor sculpting the excess from his sculpture.

Creativity: Using data to see the results in your products or marketing campaigns will add a different perspective to you and enable you to make different decisions.

Productivity: Nowadays, the more data-oriented decisions the companies make, the more successful they become. Paying attention to data not only provides you profitability, but also increases your productivity.

To decide: In periods when data use was not so important, all decision-making powers were held by senior managers. Correct analysis of the collected data ensures that the teams that can analyze and interpret the data correctly participate in the decision mechanisms. This paves the way for making healthier decisions based on data.

Future predictions: Making analysis and collecting data will guide you in the future. Finding out which parts of the videos you have prepared are watched the most allows you to design your future videos accordingly.

Nowadays, while the importance of data is increasing, how can data usage contribute to us in video usage? Where, what kind of video reports are useful to us? Let's take a look at these with the video reports Cinema8 Analytics provides to us.

video analytics

Where Can Cinema8 Analytics Data Be Used?

Watch Time

Watch time shows you how long the videos in your account have been watched. What matters here is how you interpret the total watch times. Some of your videos are watched a lot, while others may not reach your desired goal. The important thing is that you can follow the popularity of your videos by following the watch times here.

Views-Unique Views Link

While View gives you the information about how many times your videos have been watched, unique views give you the information about how many unique viewers your videos are watched. In other words, people who watch a video more than once will have unique views only. But repeat views will be reflected in the views area in the same way. For example; A viewer who watches a video 3 times will appear 3 times on views and 1 time on unique views.

The data you get here will give you data on whether your videos are re-consumable. While watching the videos again may be a positive feedback for the training videos, it will show a negative return for the marketing videos you want to convey the message you want to the audience quickly in one go.


This section is where the information about how much your videos are watched by the audience is given. It's calculated by dividing the total duration of your video by the watch time. You can edit the duration of the video with the data you get here. Who knows, maybe your videos seem too long to viewers.

Browser Usage

The Browser usage field shows you in which browser your videos are most viewed. If you are having problems with viewing in some browsers for your videos or the websites you redirect, you can make adjustments by looking at the majority of browser usage in this area.

Device Usage

The device usage area gives you the information from which devices your videos are watched. You can use the information you get here while editing your videos.

Let's say you learned that your videos are watched mostly on mobile devices in this area. Perhaps you have created a design according to the computer screen by creating the buttons or texts in your videos on the computer. With the information you gather in this area, perhaps you can design your general design elements in sizes that are more suitable for mobile and more visible.

Location Usage

The location usage field provides you with the information from which countries your videos are mostly watched.

You can make your videos for certain countries. However, your videos may also be followed from countries you never expected. With the information you get from this area, you can add subtitles for countries that show interest in your videos, and you can get feedback from different countries that have never been targeted.

Operating System Usage

The operating system usage field shows you on which systems your videos are watched the most. iOS, Android, Windows or Linux… With the data you collect here, you can perhaps make arrangements for a different operating system in your videos.

Project Analytics Screen - Heat Maps

This area shows you how many times replayers watched your videos. Using this area, you can perhaps design a new training plan for a person who has watched the training videos you have prepared many times. Or if many of your viewers watch a video that can deliver the message in one go, maybe there is something wrong with the video.

By seeing how many times your viewers watched the videos, you can organize your videos according to this data.

Tracks Stats

Tracks stats provide you with information on how many interactive tools you add to your videos are used.

You can add buttons, drawings, images, questions, or videos to your videos via Cinema8. You can easily access the statistics of all these interactive tools you have added.

It is very easy to examine who answered the questions you asked, and what answers. You can rearrange the elements you add by looking at their interactions, change the uninteresting button, or unknown questions.

Download Tracks Report

Cinema8 provides you all data about your videos in excel files. You can use these files to store data backward. You can filter the excel files you download according to your needs and combine them with the data you collect outside of Cinema8.