Video content is king these days and for a good reason. There is nothing that stimulates the mind as well as a good video. Hence, delivering knowledge or information through it is very efficient. Here are 5 tips to help you generate the best video content.

Have A Central Topic ln Mind

This is the most essential part of creating a video. If you don’t have a central topic in mind, you can meander all over the place. Hence, you won’t be focused on making a coherent video. Understand that users want to watch a video that is focused on a single thing. They want short, focused content that delivers answers to them rather than leaves them with questions. It’s ok to leave a few things to the audience to figure out, but they won’t be interested in watching a 5 minute video that is all over the place.

Discover the Pain Point

Don’t make assumptions about your audience. If you want to make a coherent video then you need to discover the pain point of the audience. Do surveys if you have to, and ask your audience what they know about a certain topic. Then you can work on creating content focused on the most common responses.

Not only will this help create great content, but you may be surprised that your original approach wasn’t correct. You will be able to make a video that is much more focused on the pulse of your collective audience.

Don’t Over Rely on the Script

This is something that is more of a choice than a guideline. People usually hate creators that don’t focus on a topic. However, they also don’t like videos that over rely on a script. A video that is loose and more authentic with how it shares its message is more appreciated.

Take for example, vloggers. They may create an entire video with great camera placements and great editing, but they will keep it loose. Hence, they will share information with their audiences that is delivered with their signature style. That’s something that can’t be scripted, it can only be performed.

Ensure Consistency and Quality

This is something that is not up for compromise. If you don’t keep the quality of your videos up and don’t ensure consistency, you may alienate part of your audience. They want to see great content, but most of all, they want familiarity. It’s why so many people yearn for nostalgic treats of their childhood. They don’t want things to change. Even if they do, they want things to be similar enough so that the original feeling isn’t lost.

Engagement will follow if you keep true to your core fans. Just remember that great content shouldn’t come at the expense of alienating your viewers. It should actually bring them along for the ride.

How Interactive Video Produces Great Content

An example video by Coldplay. It’s from their Album Ghost Stories, for a song called Ink. It allows you to choose which path you take. Depending on what you choose, you get a different outcome. The same thing can be used to create video content for learning or for marketing. If you allow your customers to choose the route they take, they will be less likely to get bored. By handing control over to the audience, you ensure their participation and interest.

If you take these tips to heart, you may produce great video content for your customers yet.