Subscription Form

The Cinema8 subscription form widget is a customizable tool designed for collecting subscriber information. It features fields for first name, last name, and email address, along with a submit button. The widget is visually adaptable, with settings for font size, background color, highlight color, and text color. It also includes an option to make the form skippable and integrates with various mailing platforms or CRMs.

Use Cases:

  1. Newsletter Sign-Ups: Ideal for websites or online platforms looking to build a mailing list for newsletters or regular updates.
  2. Event Updates: Useful for event organizers to keep attendees informed about upcoming events or changes.
  3. Marketing Campaigns: Can be integrated into marketing campaigns to gather leads and customer information for future promotions.
  4. Feedback Collection: Adapted to collect feedback from users by integrating it with CRM systems for better customer relationship management.
  5. Content Releases: Perfect for content creators or media sites to notify subscribers about new content or exclusive releases.
NameTypeDefault Value
TitleTextSubscribe to get latest news & updates
First Name LabelTextFirst Name
Last Name LabelTextLast Name
Email LabelTextEmail Address
Submit Button TextTextSubmit
Footer TextText-
Font SizeText0.65
Background ColorColor
Highlight ColorColor
Text ColorColor
onSubmit ActionAction-