Enhance your videos with the immersive and engaging Playlist Widget. This versatile widget allows you to seamlessly embed native videos or interactive videos within your content, revolutionizing the way your audience experiences video playback.

With the Playlist widget, you can effortlessly incorporate multiple videos into a single video stream, creating a dynamic and captivating viewing experience. The widget's intuitive navigation system, located conveniently on the left side, enables users to effortlessly switch between different videos, providing seamless transitions and enhancing user engagement.

Customization is key with the Cinema8 widget. Tailor the appearance of the widget to match your brand's aesthetics by configuring its colors. This feature ensures that the widget seamlessly integrates with your existing visual identity, providing a cohesive and branded experience for your audience.

To further optimize user engagement and control the viewing experience, the Playlist widget offers flexible navigation rules. You have the power to define rules that govern how users navigate between videos. For instance, you can set rules that disable navigation between videos unless the user has watched them in a specific sequence. This capability allows you to ensure that viewers fully immerse themselves in your content and maintain a coherent narrative flow.

NameTypeDefault Value
Media TypeSelect
  • Interactive Video
  • Video
Title ListText List
    ID ListText List
      Sidebar Menu Background ColorColor
      Text ColorColor
      Allow Switching Between VideosBooleanfalse
      Sidebar Open by defaultBooleantrue
      onEnd ActionsAction-