Memory Card Game

The Memory Card Game widget in Cinema8 is an interactive and engaging tool designed to enhance video experiences. This widget integrates seamlessly into Cinema8's interactive video environment, offering a unique way to engage viewers through a classic memory card matching game.

Key Features:

  • Integration with Data Sources: The widget can be connected to external data sources, allowing for dynamic content updates and customization of the memory cards based on the data fed into the system.
  • Customizable Game Elements: Users can customize the appearance of the memory cards, including images, text, and card back designs, to align with the video content or branding requirements.
  • Leaderboard Integration: Scores and performance metrics from the memory card game can be linked to a leaderboard widget, fostering a competitive environment and encouraging repeat engagement.

Usage Scenarios:

  1. Educational Content: Enhancing learning experiences by creating memory games related to educational topics covered in the video.
  2. Brand Engagement: For marketing videos, brands can use the widget to feature their products or services, increasing brand recall.
  3. Training and Development: In corporate training videos, the memory game can be used to reinforce key concepts or information.
  4. Entertainment: Adding an element of fun and interaction in entertainment videos, keeping viewers engaged and entertained.
  5. Event Promotion: Using the game to showcase highlights or important information about upcoming events.

Target Personas:

  • Educators and Trainers: To create interactive learning experiences.
  • Marketing Professionals: For engaging and innovative brand promotion.
  • Corporate HR & Training Departments: To enhance employee training modules.
  • Content Creators: To add interactive elements in their videos for higher viewer engagement.
  • Event Organizers: For promoting events in an interactive manner.

The Memory Card Game widget is a prime example of how Cinema8's widget development environment enables the creation of highly interactive and engaging video content. By leveraging data sources and integration capabilities, this widget not only enhances the viewer experience but also serves as a powerful tool for education, marketing, and entertainment.

NameTypeDefault Value
Cards Preview Duration (in seconds)Text2.5
Press Start Button LabelTextPRESS START
Restart Button LabelTextRESTART
Success TextTextWELL DONE!
Misses Count LabelTextmisses
Background ColorColor
Text ColorColor
Font SizeText0.6
Card Back Face ImageImagec8-widget-sample-image
Card SizeSelect
  • Medium
  • Small
  • Large
Card ImagesImage Listc8-widget-sample-imagec8-widget-sample-imagec8-widget-sample-imagec8-widget-sample-imagec8-widget-sample-imagec8-widget-sample-imagec8-widget-sample-imagec8-widget-sample-image
Complete ActionsAction-
Game DatastoreDatastore-