Live Chat

The WebSocket API used to power the chat widget in Cinema8 is available through the API documentation page, which can be found at the following link:

WebSocket Widget API

On this page, you'll find detailed information on how to use the WebSocket API, including sample code and use cases. The documentation is clear and easy to follow, making it easy for customers to understand and implement WebSocket-based widgets within their own applications.

With the WebSocket API, you can create a wide range of real-time communication and collaboration tools, including chat widgets like the one showcased in Cinema8. The API is a powerful tool that unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for interactive applications, making it an essential tool for developers and businesses looking to take their user experience to the next level.

So if you're looking to create powerful WebSocket-based widgets and features within Cinema8, be sure to check out the API documentation page to get started.

NameTypeDefault Value
Primary ColorColor
Background ColorColor
Text ColorColor
TitleTextLive Chat
Name Input PlaceholderTextEnter Your Name
Message Input PlaceholderTextChat public as ...
Chat DatastoreDatastore-