Content Menu

The Cinema8 menu widget allows you to create interactive menus within your Cinema8 projects. You can add as many menu items as you need and customize the text of each item.

You can also customize the color scheme of the menu widget to match your project's branding or aesthetic.

The menu widget allows you to add actions to menu items, which can trigger various events within your project. For example, clicking a menu item might take the user to a different scene or display additional information.

Additionally, you can show simple content boxes when a menu item is clicked. The content boxes can provide additional information or instructions to the user.

NameTypeDefault Value
Menu TitleTextMenu Title
Menu ItemsText List
  • Menu Item 1
  • Menu Item 2
  • Menu Item 3
  • Menu Item 4
  • Menu Item 5
  • Menu Item 6
Enable Content PopupBooleanfalse
Menu ContentsText List
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Primary ColorColor
Secondary ColorColor
Content Popup Width (in percentage)Text40