Comment on Video

The in-video comment widget for Cinema8 offers a dynamic way for viewers to interact with video content. Users can select a specific point in the video to add their comments, making the viewing experience more interactive and personalized. Key features include:

  • Spot Visibility Seconds: Determines how long a comment spot is visible on the video.
  • Text Color: Customizable color for the text in comments.
  • Background Color: Allows setting the background color of the comment box.
  • Highlight Color: Color used to highlight comments.
  • Disable Comment List Panel: Option to hide the comment list panel.
  • Disable Seekbar Indicator: Ability to turn off indicators on the seekbar.
  • Full Name Input Text: Placeholder text for the name input field.
  • Add a Comment Text: Placeholder text for the comment input field.
  • Comment Panel Title: Customizable title for the comment panel.

Use Cases:

  1. Educational Videos: Students can ask questions or make notes at specific timestamps, facilitating interactive learning.
  2. Training Modules: Employees can comment on training videos, asking for clarifications or providing feedback.
  3. Product Demos: Customers can leave comments or questions on specific features of a product showcased in the video.
  4. Film Reviews: Film enthusiasts can share thoughts and observations on particular scenes or dialogues.
  5. Team Collaboration: Teams can use it for collaborative video editing or content creation, providing specific feedback at exact moments.


  • Students and Educators: For interactive educational content and discussions.
  • Corporate Trainers and Employees: Enhancing training modules with interactive elements.
  • Marketing Professionals: To gather feedback on product videos or advertisements.
  • Content Creators and Editors: For collaborative editing and content development.
  • Movie Buffs and Critics: Engaging in detailed film analysis and discussion.

This widget not only enhances the viewer's engagement with the video content but also adds a layer of interactivity that can be beneficial for various scenarios, from educational purposes to professional training and entertainment.

NameTypeDefault Value
Spot Visibility SecondsText5
Text ColorColor
Background ColorColor
Highlight ColorColor
Disable Comment List PanelBooleanfalse
Disable Seekbar IndicatorBooleanfalse
Full name Input TextTextEnter your name
Add a Comment TextTextAdd a comment
Comment Panel TitleTextComments