Animated Card

An animated content panel with optional button at the bottom.You can configure the in -out animation style of the panel.You can also use multiple panels to implement in video navigations.

NameTypeDefault Value
DescriptionText AreaA caffe latte, or latte for short, is an espresso-based coffee drink. As far as what is in a latte, the popular drink consists of espresso, steamed milk and a thin layer of milk foam. The classic latte ratio is one-third espresso to two-thirds steamed milk, although coffee shops and recipes often use more milk to create a rich and creamy beverage with a subtle espresso flavor.
Button TextText-
Font SizeText0.75
Background ColorColor
Primary ColorColor
Text ColorColor
Animation TypeSelect
  • Zoom
  • Fade
  • Slide Left
  • Slide Right
  • Slide Up
  • Slide Down
  • Pinwheel
  • Splash
  • Swivel