Advanced Countdown

Advanced Countdown Widget: Elevate Your Video Content

Our countdown widget is a versatile and customizable tool designed to integrate seamlessly into your videos. It offers a range of configurable parameters, including duration, label customization, color choices for the circle and text, and font size adjustments. This widget is not just about counting down seconds; it's about enhancing viewer engagement and adding a dynamic element to your content.

Key Features:

Customizable Duration: Tailor the countdown to fit specific segments of your video.
Personalized Label and Colors: Match the countdown's look to your video's theme or branding.
Interactive Actions: Set actions upon countdown completion, adding interactivity to your content.
Use Cases:

Product Launches: Build anticipation by counting down to the reveal of a new product.
Workout Videos: Use it for interval training or timed exercise routines.
Educational Content: Time quizzes or activities during instructional videos.
Live Streams: Count down to the start of a live event or special announcement.
Marketing Campaigns: Create a sense of urgency for limited-time offers or sales.

NameTypeDefault Value
Duration (seconds)Text10
Circle ColorColor
Circle Border ColorColor
Text ColorColor
Font SizeText2.5
On Complete ActionsAction-
Pause Countdown on Video PauseBooleanfalse