Just English

A success story in pandemic. Transforming its business model, carried face-to-face trainings into online and started creating interactive video trainings.

Just English opened its first branch in 2005. Now, in many parts of Turkey and the United States gives foreign language education to the students.

After a long pause in face-to-face education during the Covid-19 pandemic period, Just English met Cinema8 and turned face-to-face education into online education and started producing interactive trainings.


Interactive lessons for 329 students via mobile web

Just English does online lessons on the website without using a mobile application. Currently, 329 Just English students are able to access online classes not only on a computer but also on a mobile website. Students who can easily participate in interactive course videos on the mobile web can easily answer questions of different types of questions asked in the course videos via mobile.


Full integration of system applications with API and Webhook

It has Cinema8, API and Webhook technologies. Thanks to these technologies, Cinema8 users can integrate many systems they want.
Just English has integrated all the system it needs for successful online education with API and Webhook technologies.


Answers given to questions in interactive educational videos are directly scored

One of the integrations is to score points. The answers given to the questions in the video are registered as points in Just English's system.

Answers to questions are scored in interactive e-learning videos prepared by Just English using Cinema8 platform

5 different question types can be used in Cinema8 interactive videos. These; audio/video input question, free text question, single select question, multi select question, fill in the blank question.

Just English uses all of these question types to automatically give students scores over the video. With Cinema8 interactive video, reinforcement questions can be asked during the lecture, pre-test, post-test and exams can be done.


Get voice response and scoring in online pronunciation lessons

Get voice response and scoring in online pronunciation lessons prepared by Just English using Cinema8 platform

Just English uses all of these question types in lecture videos. They use the audio/video input question to keep track of the students' success in this subject, especially in pronunciation. The operation of the system is quite simple. With the Cinema8 audio/video input question element, the audio/video responses received from students are automatically sent to the Just English system thanks to integration. On the Just English system, the answers match true-false.


User integration

Another integration between Just English and Cinema8 is user integration.

User integration matches the student's ID on Just English with Cinema8. Thanks to this integration, the follow-up of the students in the lessons becomes quite easy. Teachers can learn what their students are doing through the Just English system.


The user id of the student watching the video matches the video.

Thanks to user integration, Cinema8 can track students with their user IDs.

When the student joins an interactive educational video on any topic, the video matches the student ID. Just English can see which interactive educational video the student is watching through the system.

In addition, Just English can access the details of this information by entering the Analytics section through their Cinema8 accounts.


It is easy to learn which lesson students are in.

Teachers can easily follow which lesson students are in via the Just English system.

Just English produces interactive educational videos on different topics through Cinema8 interactive video. Some of those; daily practice, times, level lessons, occupations, animal names… The knowledge of which topic each training video belongs is known by the Just English system.

When students start watching the interactive video of any lesson, the student's ID matches the video. In this way, teachers can easily learn which lesson students are in.


Find out the completion rates of the lessons.

Just English has integrated with the webhook technology of Cinema8 to learn the completion rates of the lessons.

Now, the completion percentages of the interactive trainings attended by the students attending the classes on the website can be seen through the Just English system.


Detailed reporting on student success

Thanks to Cinema8 Analytics, Just English has detailed reporting on students' success in the lessons.

Just English getting detailed reporting on student success in e-learning videos using the Cinema8 platform

While it can take video-based reporting, it can also receive student-based reporting.

By logging into the Just English Cinema8 account, it can learn the total views, unique views, and the most-watched parts of the training videos via Analytics. In addition, they can access the data of which student watched which video, when, from which location, from which device. They can also learn which parts of the video they watch, which interaction point they click on, and what they answer the questions. They can download these reports to their computers in detail.