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Let your audience be the main hero creating their own journey


Let your audience do not watch the journey of the movie's world-leading hero. Instead, let the movie be the protagonist trying to save the world, create and discover its own journey. You just set alternative routes and finals for the audience. Viewers can create their own scenario and find their own finale thanks to the Cinema8 branching structure. Be the audience of your audience with Cinema8 analytics and follow if it can save the world.


Why interactive movie?

The film industry brought 3D and virtual reality movies to the audience with the technological developments in recent years. It added a new one to these innovations with interactive video technology; interactive movie.

The interactive film entered our lives in the 1960s and made a great noise. It has continued to decline, albeit to the present day. In 2018, he started to talk about his name with Bandersnatch, a movie of Netflix's Black Mirror series. Thanks to this, the interest of brands in interactive video has increased and it has been used in almost every sector. A good example of this can be the movie Yeşilay's prepared as part of the fight against alcohol and substance addiction. Although the place of linear film art is always separate, interactive films offer a new experience to the audience. It leaves the responsibility of the story and characters of the movie to the audience. Good-bad results, ethical-moral issues are left to the choice of the viewer and integrated into the story of the film. In addition, it brings interactive art to the art of film, although it is a different experience for the audience. Cinema8, allows you to do these easily.

Transform your audience from passive audience to active audience

Let your audience be a superhero instead of watching the world-saving superhero. Take responsibility, determine his strategy himself and discover his own journey. Viewers become active thanks to interactive films and direct the scenario. This creates an engaging and unique experience for viewers.

The audience creates own finale

Thanks to Cinema8's conditional branching structure, you can create alternative finals. By evaluating all the choices made by the audience throughout the film, you can make them go to one of the alternative finals within the framework of the conditions you set.

While you are writing your script, write alternative scenes and finals to the audience thanks to its branching structure and it decides whether it wants to kiss the frog and turn it into a prince or to find another prince.

Publish wherever you want, also no rendering

You can publish the interactive movies you create with Cinema8 on any platform. You can easily make your movie interactive with Cinema8 and you don't need to render. Every change you make is instantly saved and ready to watch via a link. You can revise the movie on the same project at any time and continue watching it on the same link.

Analyze audience choices

One of the best things about interactive movies is undoubtedly wondering what the audience's decisions will be. Are your viewers kissing the frog or is they finding another prince? Get the answer to all of these with Cinema8 analytics and observe audience choices.

Thanks to Cinema8, you can easily see which parts of the movie the audience watched, which choices they made and which finals they went to. You can find out how many minutes the film was watched, how many times it was watched, from which country or city it was watched. Thanks to all these and more detailed data, you can analyze the preferences of cities and countries. Moreover, you can view these reports or download them as documents.

Analyze audience choices



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