Interactive Video & 360° Interactive Video

Deep inside to interactive and 360° interactive video experience


Let your viewer have control over the video.
Make them engaged with experiencing gamified interactive content- making decisions, answering questions, shopping on video and more.

Linear vs Interactive Video

Traditionally, the linear video has only one path for users to follow. Viewers can only play, pause, forward or rewind the video.
Interactive video is a new form of media enables the participants to interact with the video content through the choices they make. The user intervenes and manages the flow of the video.

It is important to keep viewers actively engaged with you and the content, for increasing the message’s success. Every time it is better doing as opposed to hearing, reading or observing to retain more information about the message. These “doing” experiencing activities can be defined as interaction.

In interactive videos, users interact in two ways that are audience-content interaction and audience-content creator interaction. The crucial one, audience-content interaction, takes place when the user meets materials directly. This video type allows users to click any area on video, get information, download document, open a source, reply a question and more beyond play, pause, forward, rewind, repeat.

At the same time, the audience interact with also content creator by feedbacks, form inputs, questions and more on video. It takes place between user and creator by detailed analytics reporting. Every time users click anywhere on the video, creators get meaningful insights about the viewers.


360° Interactive Video

360° video is a video recording type of a view in all directions is recorded at the same time that is taken for using a multi-directional camera or cameras.

It provides being a part of the place or event by living one-on-one in all aspects of 360° video. With the help of direction keys, mouse or head movements, you can navigate freely within the video.

The new trend of technology is 360° interactive virtual reality videos, having an immersive, unique perspective, offering a memorable and interactive user experience.

How Viewer Interacts with Video?

In the online audio-visual experience, the viewer clicks anywhere on the video, triggers an action. They are often opening a popup, opening a website, answering a question, filling a form or jumping any part on video. These interaction types can be collected in the main titles


Video flow varies depending on the viewers’ choices. They see positive, negative and all other results and it helps to look from a wider perspective. Users decide their own path and you actually personalize your video content. This makes self-learning, marketing studies, in short, the message to be given more effective and fun.


You can ask single select, multi-select, fill in the blank and free text question to viewers. It enables you to connect options to different actions such as collecting points according to the option, to show the total score at the end of the video, and enables the user to watch a different section in the video.


With various multimedia types added on the video - such as audio, image, gif, video - you can inform viewers any time they want and give feedback.

Clickable Area

Various interactive actions can be connected to the clickable areas on the video. These buttons, hotspots, links, images can serve your intended purpose such as opening a web site, jumping a specific part on the video, opening another video, opening popups, audio or trigger something else.


Forms are your information boxes. You can make surveys, get info about your audience, collect leads and analyze them according to your purpose..


It is very important to divide your video content into chapters to prevent your viewers from getting lost in the content and to switch between different sections whenever they wish. Adding navigation to content-intensive videos make their life easy..

Quick and Easy Improvement

Since the viewer will interact with the content in the interactive video, it speeds up the process of reaching the user by increasing the rate of watching and participating. Identifying areas that need focus.

Interactive videos, which also allow gamification, increase retention. The content-message is displayed in an easy-to-understand manner, making it easy to transfer to the user.


Easy to Produce an Interactive Video

With developing technologies, interactive video production has become both easier and much faster.

It allows you to make it an enjoyable experience with drag and drop methods in minutes without needing any technical knowledge and skill while creating the contents.

Cinema8 is simplifying the interactive video creation with its technology that there is no need for code writing, hardware or software.

Get a meaningful insight

Interactive videos provide fast and on-site feedback from the users instantly. It enables creators to analyze user experiences by receiving detailed reports with these feedbacks.

Tracking your interactive video performance help them to discover meaningful insight in real time. When you get detailed analytics such as heat maps, all interaction reports, survey results and more, it creates opportunities for content creators to further develop their future works and viewers, and recover their already existing videos.