Interaction Elements

Explore video interaction models and techniques


Explore capabilities on Cinema8 Creative Studio- branch videos, ask questions, add multimedia, place overlays, forms, navigation and subtitles.


Now, it is very easy to branch your videos according to viewers' choices and to make them determine the video flow.

At the end of 2018, the episode titled “Bandersnatch” was released for the Netflix-produced Black Mirror series. If you ask what speciality this episode has, the audience is directing the film’s flow. In short, this episode was an interactive film. Of course, it’s created a great interest among the audience. Since then, the interactive video popularity has grown and has survived until today.

So, are we able to direct the video flow in Cinema8 according to the viewer’s choices?

Absolutely, yes! It is quite easy to direct viewers to different final scenes according to their choices in Cinema8. You can easily keep the viewer selections in the memory, you can link your videos to different finals based on the selections, you can use them as you want anywhere in the video.

Video Branching


Ask questions to measure your audience's knowledge or learn about anything.

Video watch time has decreased considerably. Now, watching the video, the attention of the viewers is quickly distracted. In Cinema8, we use questions to focus the audience's attention on the video.

Cinema8 contains 5 question types. You can ask your viewers different types of questions and collect the answers, and even get audio and video recordings from your viewers. Thanks to the questions, you can both test the audience's knowledge, direct them to another part of the video based on the answers and scoring the viewers.


Make your videos interactive by adding buttons or multimedia elements
Are linear videos too boring? Then, get motion to your videos with Cinema8. Cinema8 allows you to add gifs, images, text and videos to your videos.

Put gifs in the options of your questions and save your questions from being boring. Or add an image on to your video and turn it into a button. Give actions to the buttons or images that will take place with the click of the viewer and make the buttons and visuals easily interactive. In Cinema8, doing all this is quite easy with just drag and drop method.



Turn any area in your videos into buttons and let your viewers interact with them.

When you add a button to your videos in Cinema8, you need to upload the button image or choose it from the Cinema8 library. Well, if we want to turn a part on the video into a button without using any visual, how can we do that?

You can create hotspots that do not contain visuals quite easily with Cinema8 clickable area tool. Add a clickable area to your video. Then, define an action to happen when the user clicks on it and turn this area into a button.

With these buttons, you can create pop-up menus in the video, you can use these menus either for the viewer to navigate in the video or for opening information boxes that appear on the video.

Cinema8's easy interface and usability allows you to easily perform all your button and menu designs on video.


Someone can watch your video from anywhere in the world. Gather all your video viewers' information with Cinema8. When you prepare in-house training in Cinema8, you can easily get the information of the audience who interact with the tools you placed in the video. However, you may want to prepare a marketing video or another in Cinema8, not in-house training video. So, how can you collect data when you shared a Cinema8 video on any platform where you cannot get the audience's information?

It is very easy to get the information of anonymous viewers watching Cinema8 videos with special forms, which is one of the interaction tools. Design forms for your needs and place them on your videos. Anonymous viewers who exposed to the form fill in the forms and all interactions are recorded with the information they provide in custom forms.


Create a content tree for your video and let your viewers easily to navigate between the parts of the video.

Viewers sometimes want to quickly access the content they are looking for while watching videos. In this period, where viewers are now interested in shorter videos, we thought about how to shorten your long videos to fit the target and added the content tree tool to Cinema8.

With content trees, define chapters at any timecode of your video and present these topics to your viewers in a list. When the viewer clicks one of the topics, they jump to the video location where you placed the topic in the video and continues to watch the video from here. In this way, you enable your viewers to navigate easily through the video.

Video Navigation Menu


Make videos in different languages clearer by using subtitles you previously prepared. It is very easy to prepare videos in different languages and appeal to the world with Cinema8. All you need is to prepare the subtitle document as .srt extension format and upload it to Cinema8. Your video is now ready for use with subtitles.

Moreover, you can choose the background and font color of your subtitle as you wish, and set it more visibly according to the video colors. It is also possible to add multiple subtitles to a video. Add as many subtitles as you want to your video. Let the audience decide which subtitle to open and watch.