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Training and Services

As Cinema8, we give you trainings on how to make your trainings or videos and what you should pay attention to.


Why do you need Training and Services module?


It is a fact that the interactive video industry is not fully known to everyone.


There are not enough sources of information about this sector, which is just getting known today.


Cinema8 aims to increase your competence on the subject by giving you the necessary information and training about interactive videos.


Let us give the education you need to your institution or to you

Cinema8, with its training catalog, helps you by providing training on current e-learning and interactive videos. In this way, you do not stay away from the dynamics of the sector and closely follow the current technologies.

Let's find the most suitable tool and learning method according to your needs

You may want to find the tool that suits you best and get started right away. Or you may not know where to start. If you wish, we can explain the differences between face-to-face and interactive tutorials-videos and inform you about working-non-working methods or obstacles to learning.

Let us help you content design

Let's design fast, practical and permanent learning processes with the trainings we will give you, writing content and scenario suitable for different learning styles and interaction tools. With the information you will learn, let us help you produce training or videos that you will prepare in a much shorter time and use your time more efficiently while doing this production.

Let's decide the visual design principles together in the content you will prepare

Cinema8 also offers trainings on infographic, visual and design principles to be used in the training or videos you will prepare. With these trainings you can get, you can learn about what you need to know about light and sound before starting your video shooting, and you will also learn about the equipment and technology you need to use for the videos and training you will shoot.

Let's give information about new technologies and equipment you can use in your videos

As Cinema8, we can give you information about what you can do with the equipment you have, appropriate equipment and technologies, mobile and desktop applications, and help you prepare your videos and trainings.

Let's prepare the video you want to shoot together

You have a video idea in mind and do not want to deal with it? Cinema8 also supports you in shooting video. Tell us the idea in your mind. Let's make an idea assessment and tell you how we can implement your idea.

Let's create your dream interactive video together in Cinema8

If you have an interactive video or educational idea, you can easily do this by collaborating with Cinema8. Let's make an interactive video with Cinema8 and you.

Let's teach you how to create your dream interactive video on Cinema8

Apart from that, you can say that you want to create interactive videos on my own with Cinema8 Interactive Video Platform. Let us teach you how to create Cinema8 interactive video and what you can create is up to your imagination.



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