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Turn your video content into interactive experiences w/Studio8


Now, it's possible to make your traditional videos interactive using a few simple actions with Cinema8 Creative Studio.

Design interactive experiences

Nowadays, we spend a lot of time in front of linear videos and they have become a part of our lives. While videos are so common, it would be a mistake not to predict the importance of interactive videos in the upcoming years.

Using Cinema8, you can make your videos more fun for viewers by adding questions, feedback, buttons, clickable areas, and more interactivity to your videos.


Now it's easy to add interactivity

Apart from traditional videos, you can create interactive videos with Cinema8 Creative Studio and attract and increase your audience's interest in your video.

Cinema8 Creative Studio works completely with the drag and drop method. You can add buttons, images, clickable areas, questions, forms, and more from the interactive tool list. At the same time, you can shape the video flow according to the viewer’s selections, and make the viewer to feel that their choices are important because of changing the flow of the video.

Drag the desired interaction tool from the tool list and drop to a video layer with a mouse. The tool you added will show the effect immediately on the video.

Get rid of the restrictions that reduce the creativity

With Cinema8 Creative Studio, you can add texts or buttons to your video, and change the colors and styles of these texts or buttons as you wish. In addition, you can turn the buttons on/off on the player bar of your interactive video, prevent the user from stopping the video, and maybe remove the forward and rewind buttons. .

With player bar settings, you can ensure the viewer to watch the video without skipping. It's completely under your control. Using Cinema8, you can make your videos more fun for viewers by adding questions, feedback, buttons, clickable areas, and more interactivity to your videos.


Making your videos interactive is easy with layers

The layer structure is used in almost every graphic design or post-production programs. So, what is this “layer”?

Imagine the pages of a notebook and assume that these pages are layers. Make a drawing in the middle of the first page of this notebook. Now, you have filled the center of the first page by drawing and you will no longer have a chance to make a clear new drawing in the same place. But we have as many new pages that we can use in the notebook, which means new layers. Since we want to make a new drawing in the middle of a page again, we move to the second page and draw in the middle of the page. In this way, we can add multiple objects to the same location using layers.

In Cinema8 Creative Studio, layer structure usage works in the same way. You can do this by using layers when you want to place more than one interaction tool at the same time in a second of your video.


Share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or LMS

You can create interactive videos that can be shared on your social media accounts and embed them with an embed code on your own site, as well as you can create in-house training and share them easily on your own LMS with Cinema8 Creative Studio.

You can share an interactive video whether on social media, embed in a website, or upload to an LMS as a Scorm package. It is possible to view detailed reports of all viewers interacting with your video in Cinema8. It is also very easy to automatically transfer the viewer information to the Analytics screen with an LMS or an information form that you can add to your video.

No need to install programs, write codes or wait for hours of rendering to create interactive video

When producing videos, you need to install and use programs on your computer. In Cinema8 Creative Studio, you can make your video interactive via a web browser without any additional program installation, and get your video ready without waiting for rendering.

Drag and drop interactivity tools in Cinema8 Creative Studio and click the “preview button to quickly view the final version of your video. That’s all. There is no need to wait for processing(rendering) such as traditional video editing programs.

Easily access viewers’ performance data for your video

After publishing your interactive videos, you want to view which tool the viewer clicked or answers of questions on video. It is possible and easy with Cinema8. Now, prepare your interactive videos and track the audience data with Cinema8 Creative Studio to take your videos a big step further.