The Rule of Thirds

One-third is used by photographers to create a more effective composition in the photo and make the photo more effective. This is a guide, not a rule. In other words, it is not necessary to use it in all cases, but it is a method that gives effective results in most cases.

Many cameras, even smartphone camera interfaces, have guide lines to make this easy. Even without guide lines, there is an easy way to apply this principle to our photos:

Imagine two equally spaced vertical and horizontal imaginary lines on your frame! Thus, we get lines called grid or grid that divides the image into 9 equal boxes, as in the image below. Now imagine 4 intersections of these lines around the center closer to the corners (dark dots in the image).

To apply the rule of thirds, when taking your photo, place your main subject not exactly in the center, but at the appropriate 4 points between the center and the corners, where these imaginary lines intersect.

Advantages of the rule of thirds

By applying the rule of thirds, we gain some important advantages by creating compositions in photographs. We can list a few of them as follows.

- More aesthetic visuals
The photos we take with the rule of thirds look more aesthetic and eye-catching. Because our perception is naturally prone to it. We have a perception that we are accustomed to seeing many things with a spiral structure, which evokes the rule of thirds in nature, as beautiful and aesthetic.

- More efficient message delivery
In images shot according to the one-third rule, the viewer's attention is directed to these areas of interest and important visual elements in the composition. Thus, we strengthen the transmission of the message that we want to stand out and attract attention in our photo.

- A more balanced layout
We get a more balanced layout in photos where we apply the rule of thirds. Images with a sense of balance appear more pleasing and natural to the eye.

- Refreshing space setting
Adjusting the gaps in the photograph is more important and quite difficult than it is thought. The rule of thirds helps us instantly add perfect spacing to our images. For example, the rule of thirds is a frequently used method to leave a space in the direction of view in portrait shots.

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