Shot List

Shot List is the pre-production stage where scenes are planned before shooting begins.

In the shooting list; There should be some basic information such as where the camera will stand, which camera to use, which camera lens to use, what shooting angle to use. 

Before starting the Shot List, the script is split into parts. Afterwards, each divided part is divided into scenes, and scene by scene, the positions of the camera are determined and how the shooting will be planned. At this stage, the choice of lenses and camera movements are of great importance.

Shots are usually not shot in the sequence of the scenes in the script. For this reason, when planning the shooting, the shooting scenario is prepared by calculating which scene will be shot on which day.

For example, if a room that appears at the beginning of the movie is seen again at the end of the movie, all the scenes belonging to this room are shot on the same day and the shooting scenario is prepared accordingly. This is why splitting into scenes in a shooting script is different from a script.

The purpose of shooting scheduling is to avoid confusion during production, to use the film's budget properly, and to avoid setbacks on set. When this is the case, shooting planning can be prepared by taking a storyboard as a reference. If there is no storyboard, it becomes very difficult to do the planning. If the shooting plan is decided on the set of the film, there is a waste of time.

Camera and lens simulation scripts can be used to pre-plan shots. Collaboration with the storyboard artist, if any, is required. 

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