Why Your Organization Needs Onboarding Training Videos

Onboarding stands as the process through which new employees are usually introduced to the social and performance aspects of their new job with the aim of adapting them quickly, increasing productivity and job satisfaction, and reducing turnover.

This process involves imparting the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively within an organization.

Research has shown that inadequate onboarding of new employees is a key factor in high turnover rates. With today's hiring costs of over $ 10,000 per employee, the right onboarding techniques and training are a clear ROI. It was also shown that those employees who went through a structured onboarding process were 58% more likely to be with the company three years later. 

Why Your Organization Needs Onboarding Training Videos

It is well known that our brain records videos faster than texts. What is astonishing, however, is that we understand visual content 60,000 times as quickly. Why not make use of this property and thus make working methods more efficient?

For this reason, more and more companies are using digital onboarding with video content. Once created, videos are cost-saving and can be used flexibly, sustainably and independently of third parties in all of your company areas. Some videos that make your onboarding digital include:

Welcome Video

"It is your first day, and we are happy that you are here!" If a personal greeting cannot take place for various reasons, be it due to local distance, time constraints or illness, a virtual “welcome” lays the foundation for an employment relationship in which the new team member immediately feels valued.

Welcome video team video

Employee Video

The first few weeks in the new job also mean a lot of new faces. But let's be honest: very few people can remember all the names during the introductory round. Suppose you introduce your employees in a video and make their areas of responsibility clear. In that case, this creates additional trust and your new employees can look up names and responsibilities at any time.

Compliance Training

A topic that doesn't have to be boring when properly prepared. Packaged in your onboarding video, your company guidelines can be presented quickly and easily. This will prevent your new staff from reading long texts on their first few days and close a large topic efficiently and quickly.

Goals Of Onboarding

If you show your new staff the structure and objectives of the induction in a video, they will become familiar with the way your company works, work in an organized and targeted manner. Endless presentation slides are a thing of the past because new employees' training now takes place through video onboarding perfectly.

Tool Training

An all-rounder among the onboarding videos can be extended or shortened as required. Since the same basic software is used in most areas, you can use a training video on the basic tools in a variety of ways. Whether time recording, e-mail program or the use of your cloud: all employees in all areas benefit from this - including existing staff.

Personal Training Videos

For job-related tasks, an explanatory video not only serves as learning material for a specific topic but can also be used as a reference work. You train new employees and fresh knowledge of existing employees in a clearly structured manner. With a quiz in or at the end of the video, you can check the knowledge they have acquired and get an overview of what needs to be done.

Rules And Procedures

In some companies, old methods are still used to settle new hires - excessive forms, scheduling rooms, and the time available to the HR professional to explain how the company's bureaucratic part works.

rules and procedures of company videos

Through the onboarding video, it is possible to make this information available in an effective way. This strategy saves time and cost and the employee feels comfortable, as he will be able to access the tool whenever he has any questions.

Exclusive Messages

In order to improve communication and transparency between the company and employees, onboarding videos with exclusive messages from the company's main leaders to the employee can be created to strengthen ties between the parties.

This measure awakens the feeling of belonging in the professional, making him happier and more comfortable in his new environment, which favors his engagement and motivation and can reduce the turnover so common when the company is not concerned with the integration of its employee's new talents.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Videos At This Stage?

The onboarding videos are important because they ensure that no information is lost and allows this step to be more dynamic, informal and less dull. They also offer all the new hires what they need to know about the company. More of the advantages include:


A company can create an onboarding video and only modify it if necessary. This is an important observation because even if the HR professional is used to the information, he may miss something. With the use of videos, there is no such risk, and they can be useful indefinitely.


Even in companies with a high volume of employees and many branches, the training will be applied to everyone, regardless of the HR professional's physical presence. This measure is important for the sector to have control over the efficiency of the stage.


The new professional tends to be open-minded to everything the company offers and, combined with that, pays more attention to details. The onboarding videos can be created according to the business sector, and professionals can access them whenever they have any questions.

The institution that adheres to this type of strategy increases its employing brand, as it is well regarded by employees for its transparency and dedication.


Onboarding videos is great for HR to control that all new employees are receiving the same information. This standardization favours the monitoring of talent evolution during an employee's career at the company. In addition, the standardization of content is important to analyze the effectiveness of what is being transmitted in order to improve what is not producing results.

Low cost

With this tool, the cost of training decreases considerably , as it will not be necessary to hire a professional in the area, or move all new employees to the same space to access the training.


When creating onboarding videos, employees usually transmit all the important information for that channel. With this, they will receive in full what the company needs to go through. A good example is the work safety videos because with so many details to be assimilated, not always will a person be able to inform them in a complete way.

In all, joining a company can cause some discomfort to a new employee, who does not know what he will find ahead. Therefore, to make this employee feel welcomed, it is necessary to invest in onboarding training through the help of videos. The lack of an onboarding structure can directly impact the results of organizations, as employees who are not properly trained tend to work at lower levels of efficiency.

In the highlights above, we have covered the entire process that involves onboarding training videos within companies and how to organize them.