When you try to reach customers, it’s important to create a variety of great content. The better the content you create, the better the value that you can bring to the table. In addition, not all audiences will access every type of content you create; which is why you want to come up with stuff that’s creative, innovative, and which provides to different audiences. This is the way everyone is happy, and the return on investment can be second to none.

What is an Interactive Video?

At its core, an Interactive Video is a video that allows users to interact with it, take action and access specific features within it. The Interactive Video supports clicks, taps and touches. It doesn’t contain just have play and pause. Instead of it, you can interact with the content, you can browse the storyline without a problem, and you can also access relevant choices for you. Yes, besides these, an Interactive Video has a lot of different choices you need to make and every choice matters. You will end up accessing various features and ideas, and in the end you can have all kinds of great content to explore and enjoy. The value is second to none, and you will be impressed with the process and experience as a whole. You will also like the fact that you can choose the length of Interactive Videos, they can be short or long. Creating an Interactive Video can be a bit hard without the right tools, but with help from Cinema8, you will have no problem bringing your ideas to reality. It really helps to push the boundaries in a creative and empowering manner, and the experience itself is always second to none. You just have to use that to your own advantage.

Yes, besides these, an Interactive Video has a lot of different choices you need to make and every choice matters. You will end up accessing various features and ideas, and in the end you can have all kinds of great content to explore and enjoy. The value is second to none, and you will be impressed with the process and experience as a whole. You will also like the fact that you can choose the length of Interactive Videos, they can be short or long.

Creating an Interactive Video can be a bit hard without the right tools, but with help from Cinema8, you will have no problem bringing your ideas to reality. It really helps to push the boundaries in a creative and empowering manner, and the experience itself is always second to none. You just have to use that to your own advantage.

Interactive Video 1

What can you use Interactive Videos for?

The great thing about Interactive Videos is that their applications are comprehensive. For a lot of businesses, they can just use it to educate customers and provide them a more nuanced, enticing and interesting user experience. But, they can also be great for product training and onboarding or for product selectors. It can also be a great tool for leadership coaching, safety and skills training or sales training. In the case of people management, you will be able to use this for compliance and ethics training, healthcare enrollment or recruiting and onboarding new employees.

When you use an Interactive Video, you have great opportunities to customize and adapt it for anything that you see fit. That’s what makes it such a good pick, because you can use it for pretty much any industry and a variety of purposes. It can be a novel marketing tool, or it can be something a lot more complex. That’s where you get to see the true value of such a tool, and the return on investment can indeed be staggering in a situation like this. You can just have to check it out for yourself.

People need interactivity so they want a simpler and more attractive way to watch videos. Just seeing the content is not functional at all. They want to interact with it and find ways to access all the information in a creative and engaging manner. All of that does a waste of time, and that’s because what makes this idea so interesting. Being able to use interactivity and harnessing all of its tools does come in handy quite a bit. And having the opportunity to use that to help and also educate your customers can really help to raise the experience to the next level.

Interactivity is the New Norm

People like to be involved in the activities they are a part of. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to get past the passive viewing experiences until this point. Having an interactive viewing experience is much better for your audience. Why is that? Generally, we expect to be in the driver’s seat and we want to gather the information and knowledge. Having access to all of that is always going to be exciting and fun; all we need is to bring in the right amount of creativity, and the outcome itself can be second to none all the time.

Everyone loves to tap, swipe and learn more when they see a video. It’s just a more interesting and enjoyable experience, and it gives so much to the audience. You will appreciate the great results that it provides. Passively consuming content isn’t something that fits what people want right now; which is why understanding the needs and assessing everything can be quite the issue. That alone is definitely something you want to take into consideration here.

Interactive Video 2

Interactive Video Benefits

Why should you consider using Interactive Video today for your business? Every company has different reasons why Interactive Video can be a great idea. Which is why we created a list with some of the top ideas that you need to keep in mind and the reasons why Interactive Video can be a very good pick for your business.

It motivates users

As we mentioned earlier, people are starting from the idea that videos are just a passive experience. They want a video that offers customization, a way to interact and truly push the boundaries in a creative and engaging manner. It also motivates users, allowing them to really commit to excellence, and you will appreciate the results and process all the time. The great advantage when it comes to Interactive Video is that it allows you to stay engaged and motivated. You are knowing that you will have some ways to interact and personalize the video, and that keeps the motivation levels high. That alone can be well worth the effort.

Information is highlighted with ease

We believe that it’s always important to highlight information and make it easy for a user to understand everything. Thanks to Interactive Video, the critical information is shared quickly, and people get to see it highlighted. It’s just a much better way to access content, and the value you receive is definitely very impressive. You just have to take your time, assess everything, and then the experience can be an amazing one.

Encouraging users to explore more

Most videos relay just a single point and that would be it. The disadvantage here is that you don’t really know what would happen in another situation. You just need to find something new or a method that would show alternative ideas. It definitely helps a lot, and you will be incredibly impressed with the way things work. With help from interactivity, you get to analyze choices, figure out what works for you and all without damaging anything in any way. You just have more choices, and you get to be in control. Something like that does indeed make a huge difference, so you have to keep it in mind.

Mobile access and features

Another interesting thing is that Interactive Video can help you breach the mobile world with great success. Mobile users in particular are widely regarded for needing more and more interactivity. They are known for tapping, accessing features on the fly and so on. All these things matter a lot, which is why it makes a lot of sense to just take your time and adapt accordingly. It’s definitely not going to be easy, but if you do it right, then the payoff can definitely be worth it.

Interactive Video 3


You will also notice that creating an Interactive Video allows you to focus more on gamification. You can add game-like features, like a scoreboard, some trivia and so on. You can be as creative as you want, while allowing your users to have a very distinctive and interesting experience. It all comes down to trying new stuff, doing new things and constantly pushing the boundaries in a way that really works for you. The right approach here is, once you start doing that, the potential is always going to be well worth it.


It boosts viewer retention

Interactive Videos will help you enhance viewer retention rates. They are very good because, they keep people watching the video and interacting with it. When you do that, you keep people on your site more, they get more comfortable with your offer, and then you can receive an amazing return on your investment. That’s what you want to approach and results can indeed be well worth the effort every time.

You will also notice that Interactive Videos are keeping viewers accountable. They are getting to the end because there’s interaction and all kinds of extra features they can access. It’s not just a random, regular experience. You have something more interesting and fun, and you will appreciate the way this all comes together. It’s definitely not a simple thing to do, but if you manage it correctly, the potential can be second to none. That’s why you want to handle and send out everything as quickly as possible.

Focusing more on audience choices

What really matters here is that the viewer is the one in control. Around 34% of the video consumers want to jump to a different part of the video or just personalize their experience. They don’t just want to focus on a single thing. They want something that’s more creative and engaging, and in the end results can be pretty impressive every time. With that being said, having the right Interactive Video features can indeed bring more engagement. You also allow your audience to choose what to do and when to do it, which is what matters the most in a situation like this, and that’s going to shine every time.

In addition, there are other advantages too. When you use Interactive Videos, you will be able to gather insights and data regarding the user navigation. You get to understand what people like the most, what features are the veriest appealing and engaging for them and so on. Having access to all of that information is always exciting, and it just conveys that sense of professionalism and value that you do not want to miss at all. You just have to adapt accordingly, and if you do that right, the potential is always going to be well worth the effort.

You have great tools to create Interactive Videos

Cinema8 does a very good job at helping you create amazing, visually appealing and stimulating interactive videos that everyone can watch. It’s great because you have templates and tools for e-commerce videos, e-learning, AR and 360 videos and so on. You can also access data from video interaction and understand what your customers want and what you can expect. That alone makes it well worth the effort and it conveys the value that you always wanted. It’s totally going to be worth the effort, so use that to your advantage.

Providing a memorable experience to your audience

Of course, people will most likely forget your video if it’s a traditional one. That’s why you want to find ways to make videos funny and unforgettable. You can do that with help from Interactive Video. It’s just a lot more interesting, it gives more choices and features, and in the end the potential can indeed be worth it. This is not going to be simple and easy to do. But if you manage it correctly and integrate the right features, then the conclusion can indeed be second to none.

Besides, Interactive Videos are more delightful and interesting for users. Which in the end brings higher conversion rates. Take your time, create a spectacular video, and people will surely appreciate it.

Can you create Interactive Videos using drag and drop?

With help from Cinema8, you can easily do that! The reality is that creating interactive videos normally requires a lot of coding knowledge. But with a drag and drop approach like ‘Cinema 8’ has, things are a lot easier and more convenient. You get to create the video you want, whenever you want it, and that will help push the experience to new higher level all the time. It can take a bit of a trial and inaccuracy to make everything work, but at the end of the day, the potential is great and that’s the thing you want to pursue.

However, you do need to ensure that you monitor all interactions and the video is working adequately. Cinema8 helps you do all of that, and it offers a cohesive world to help achieve all those goals in a proper manner. It helps bring you exactly the things you want and needed, while also making it easy to customize the process and make it work the way you want. This is not an easy process like walk in the park, but it will convey the results you want without any worries.

Interactive Video 4

Establish branching videos

One of the core benefits of Interactive Videos created with Cinema8 is the fact that you can establish decision points and also make interactive stories. This is a cool idea, and it certainly pushes the experience to the next level. The approach needed to create interactive stories really stands out, and it shows the resilience and quality brought by this type of video. With that being said, you do need to keep in mind that branching videos can be very immersive and interesting, and the quality they offer is incredible in its own right. You will be impressed with some of the results and the experience as a whole if you want to check these out for yourself. This is definitely something you want to pursue, so try to approach it in a unique and engaging manner.

A branching video is good for any Interactive Video because it can give more details about the story, features and options. It doesn’t limit the user, which is very important in these days. With the main Interactive Video, you want to show off ideas and bring in a variety of genuine options. The more you get to share, the better the results you receive. After all, that’s what matters, if you do it right, then the experience you get is among some of the best on the market.

Can Interactive Videos also be 360 videos?

One of the great things about interactive videos is that they are an expression of the artist. If you want to create great interactive videos in 360, you can totally do that. A tool like Cinema8 can definitely help you achieve that, and in the end it will give you a variety of benefits and a very good quality. That’s the right system you want to focus on, and it will surely offer the outcome you expect.

These 360 videos can be great especially for interactive stories. This will help you create a story around the product or solution you want to sell. It’s all about making the narrative stand out. Videos in general can be very appealing and interesting, but if you can add more value to the experience, it will be worth it and that’s the thing you want to keep in mind here. We recommend you to check out all these options in Cinema8 and you will be more than happy with the way everything works.

360 videos

How is an Interactive Video different from a linear video?

There are a multitude of functionalities you can add to an Interactive Video that you can’t have in a linear video. The linear video has a start and an end, and no interaction. While it can be great, it also has its fair share of challenges. But with the Interactive Video, you can add a lot more value and quality into the mix. It just helps you to express yourself and it provides a wider range of tools that can be adapted to your own requirements. In the end, the potential can be really impressive, and you can implement a search of new features in order to really makes this better and more related.

For example, you can add hotspots, clickable areas in the video that will reveal hidden content. You can also have branches, paths the user can take in order to customize their experience and to reach different content. 360 views are also great too, since you can see the video frame in every direction all the time.

Data inputs can help a lot too, because they can acquire information from the user, while maintaining a very high level of interaction. An Interactive Video can also have quizzes, so there are a lots of different things you can add and improve, so the experience you receive from that is very exciting and immersive at the same time.

Can Interactive Video generate more conversions?

Nothing can guarantee a certain amount of conversions, but the truth is that Cinema8 Interactive Video can actually bring you a lot of attention. The reason is simple, the videos you create are visually impressive, attractive, and you get to convey a lot of information and content. This can help a lot, it makes the process more diverse, and you are getting more value too. In the end every time, that’s the right approach, and the potential can be among some of the best. Just try to avail the opportunity and if you match this right, the outcome can be second to none.

Interactive Video 5

Are customers interested in Interactive Video?

The reality is that people always want new, fresh and creative content from you. They are tired of the same ads and things they see all the time. If you can bring them something different and engaging, they will like and keep in their mind easily. When you access this type of content, you are happy with the process and results, and the outcome is very well. Yes, it’s not easy to access the right Interactive Videos, but at the end of the day it’s all about content and truly pushing the boundaries in an enjoyable way.

With Interactive Video you get to connect with viewers and offer them some choices. We are all different, so having branching options and allowing the viewer to make their own decision is spectacular. It offers a new and better way to manage all of this, and in the end it’s something really cool that you can enjoy. Is it a challenge? Of course, because you want to create Interactive Videos that stand over the competition. But if you do it right and you know how to adapt and improve appropriately, then the outcome can be a really good one and you will surely enjoy it every time.

How can you create Interactive Videos without a lot of knowledge?

The advantage that Cinema8 has over other tools is that it has dedicated, in-depth videos and courses as well as guides that will help you get up and running very fast. There’s also the community that will help you uncover various things and learn more about the entire thing. It really helps a lot and it conveys the results you want without a problem. You can also get inspiration from the Play8 videos created by the community.

Even if you’re a newcomer, you can use these tools to up your game and truly bring it to the next level. It’s definitely a challenge, but having access to so much great content does help a lot. It shows that you can achieve everything you want and the potential is astonishing. It’s a great opportunity and if you know how to make the most out of that, then it will be totally worth it.

Interactive Video 6

Do you need to have a CMS for the Interactive Videos?

Yes, and the main reason for that is because the CMS can be very useful for the business side of things. You can manage and build the content structure, you can also customize it based on your needs and implement the right features immediately. Having control over your content from a single place does help a lot, and it will directly convey the results and experience you want. It’s extremely important to use a CMS that makes it easy to create and edit your own video library with ease.

Cinema8 does that, and another great thing here is that you can upload to them or you can sync to other video accounts. Having your videos in the cloud is great because you can literally work from anywhere and not have to wait to get back at the office or where you have stored your file. Ready things like these make Interactive Videos creation a lot easier and more cohesive, which is exactly what you have to pursue in a situation like this.

Are Interactive Videos suitable for corporate clients?

In fact, Interactive Videos are a great fit for corporate clients because they convey a very good return on investment. You can easily create videos that are very intuitive, which bring a high value and tons of interaction. It will help you carry the experience to the next level, and in the end you will be very glad with the process and results. The fact that you have stuff like marketing and sales, film making, gamification, e-learning, e-commerce support and many others will surely help a lot. It all comes down to understanding how the system works and making sure that it’s all ready to use as you see fit.

Interactive Video 7

Is it expensive to create Interactive Videos?

You have to keep in mind the fact that Interactive Videos are widely sought after by people. They want something different and you can offer that to them with this type of tools. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to use Interactive Videos, because it does convey a lot of quality and value. At the end of the day, the most important aspect is to ensure that you create the right solutions and a very good value. With that being said, you do want to take your time and create videos that are unique, engaging and a lot of fun.

The costs are not as high as you might think. Using a tool like Cinema8 will help you more than you might imagine, since you have complete control over the entire process. Not only that, but you can fully customize and direct the solutions you want without any worries. With that being said, it does take a bit of time to get the right setup done and customize the way you want. In the end, Interactive Videos will help convert more clients, so they are indeed worth the effort. Just make sure that you implement them properly, and the potential can be well worth the effort.

Should I use the custom analytics features for Interactive Videos?

When you create Interactive Videos, one of the best things is that you can acquire a wealth of data from them. The main advantage in all of this is that you get to fully understand how people interact with your videos, how comprehensive they are and what features or branches are not used. Aside from the custom analytics, it’s important to ask viewers for feedback. This will offer great insight into what people like and what can be improved. A good Interactive Video can be improved and adapted, all you have to do is to understand the right way to complete something like this. Then the potential can be amazing!


We recommend you to use a tool like ‘Cinema8’ to create Interactive Videos, because they are amazing, effective, engaging and very helpful if you want to connect with your audience. The true focus is on value and quality, and if you do it right, then you can generate more sales and increase the overall connection you have with your audience. Today, give these ideas a try for yourself and use Interactive Videos in business life. It will help you generate a lot more leads and customers, while also making the user experience more memorable!