Interactive Video Is the Future of Online Training 

Nowadays, most institutions supplement their face-to-face classes with various online training sessions, e-Learning. These schools embrace e-Learning because of how flexible and convenient it is. However, some e-Learning courses rarely engage the students, as they feature the same old and boring stuff included in a video. 
Leaners require an e-Learning course that is captivating, engaging, and nurtures their desire to learn more. Instead of the same old online training videos, the best institutions take an alternative approach, using interactive videos. 

Interactive Video Is the Future of Online Training

Rather than spending a fortune creating and developing new material, these organizations use the existing video training and add various interactive layers to develop a new and interactive training experience. The more inspiring and engaging the learning content is, the better trainees learn from the adult training perspective. 
Visionaries confirm that interactive videos are the future of online training. These clips have rich interactive content that creates real scenarios through virtual simulations. This is arguably the best method a company or any learning institution should use to equip employees and learners.
This review will give you a comprehensive insight into these immersive clips for those unfamiliar with interactive videos. After reading through, you’ll understand why and how to easily create an interactive video for your online training at Cinema8.

Why Use Interactive Videos for Online Training? 

Interactive videos provide trainers and students the convince of face-to-face interactions without being in the same physical location. This way, it is easier for the trainees to access various learning resources in the comfort of their homes. Here are other reasons you should create and use interactive videos for e-Learning development at Cinema8. 

1. Interactive Videos Increase the Learner’s Engagement 

Interactive videos remedy the disconnect between activities that happen in physical classes and what happens during online classes. These videos feature new and improved technology that transforms the passivity of traditional training videos into engaging interactions. This is through the help of various powerful features such as Hotspots, Click to Reveal, and many more. 
One of the main benefits of these interactive clips is that they engage the students in real-time. This helps to minimize distractions and keep the trainee engaged. Visit Cinema8 to learn how to create videos that can track students’ performance. This way, you ensure the trainee goes through the content to complete their curricula.

2. Check The Learners Progress

Trainers enjoy the convenience of tracking their learners’ progress through these interactive clips. This makes it easier for them to determine the coverage of a particular and helps them determine the way forward. In addition, features such as quizzes, inline checks, and end of video assessments allow you to validate a particular student’s progress and determine their e-Learning trends.  

3. It Is Easy to Create These Videos 

There are various software and powerful online sites, such as, for easier e-Learning video production. So feel free to use the powerful and easy-to-integrate video tools to create eye-catching and interactive video content. 

Interactive Video Is the Future of Online Training

Also, it is not a must that you have to create new videos for your training. Instead, save money and time by transforming your old recordings in the traditional format to immersive and captivating learning aids. At cinema8, you can use various powerful tools to create engaging e-Learning content that has a high impact on the learner’s training. 

4. They Make Learning Convenient 

A good interactive video functions and plays well on almost all devices and web browsers. If you choose to follow the step-by-step guide at, your video will provide a consistent and powerful learning experience to the student regardless of the device they choose to use. 
This makes your work easier as you don’t have to produce multiple identical learning materials supported by the different operating systems. Also, students enjoy the luxury and freedom of accessing all learning materials easily from their devices. 

5. They Give Students More Control 

Interactive videos allow students to enjoy a more personalized learning experience. There are various video templates and features you can use to allow students to select their preferred sections based on their level of knowledge gaps. 
This way, the trainee can focus on a particular topic of concern. Also, they enjoy a more personalized experience where they can choose how deep they wish to cover a certain topic. 

6. Interactive videos enhance the learner’s decision-making process

One of the amazing features of these videos is branching. With branching, you can create interactive stories and allow the student to make decisions that dictate the storyline. This helps students understand the consequences of each decision. In addition, their decisions take them to a different path, which helps them practice various real-life applications virtually. 
After going through a series of virtual training, the learner can incorporate the strategies taught into real-life experiences. This e-Learning process allows them to reflect on their performance, determine the decisions that didn’t work out, and make better ones. 
Therefore, you are missing out on a lot if you still haven’t introduced these interactive videos to facilitate the best practices in students and employees.

What Makes Interactive Videos the Future of Online Training? 

The main factor that makes interactive videos immersive and engaging are the powerful interactive features available. Some of the features to use to make interactive videos for your online pieces of training include; 

• Interactivities and knowledge checks 

At Cinema8, there is a wide range of interactivities and checks to allow you to create immersive and engaging training content. These features include Hotspots, Drop-down, Drag and Drop, Click and Reveal, Branching, Single choice assessment, and Multiple choice assessment. 
These interactivities convert the traditional video setting into a platform where the trainer and student can interact virtually. However, there is a need to understand the purpose and function of each feature to create the ideal video. That is why it is best to head over to to use the free guide and available tutorials.

 Multi-device support 

Nowadays, almost all learners have mobile phones or other devices that they interact with daily. For years, this has been the trend and will still be in the coming days. So what better option is there to reach such learners other than through these devices? 
The interactive video learning framework allows these immersive clips to play smoothly on almost all these devices. This makes it convenient for students and learners to interact through the e-Learning platform. 

• Gamified activities

Gaming companies have successfully captured their clients’ attention and kept them engaged for hours. This is mostly because of the introduction of powerful gaming tools and software. So why not introduce that to e-Learning? 

Interactive Video Is the Future of Online Training

Studies show a significant decrease in engagement levels when students view traditional videos. Introducing gaming elements and activities in your online training videos makes the experience magical. Find ways to reward your students with badges or points whenever they complete a particular topic or pass a certain test. This reward keeps the student motivated and ignites the desire to do and achieve more. 

• Flexibility 

The real power of interactive videos lies in their ability to transform and satisfy various e-Learning strategies. Use the amazing video features and templates to process any video and transform them into captivating and immersive training guides for your students. 
Also, you can integrate videos from social platforms such as YouTube or a company’s website and customize them to meet the intended learning objectives. At Cinema8, you get the option of choosing the kind of format you wish for the output.

• Performance indicators

Taking tests was the main performance indicator in the traditional education system. Unfortunately, these tests tend to be biased as they fail to effectively examine a student’s understanding of a particular topic or course. Interactive videos remedy this situation as they offer the perfect performance indicator to gauge the student’s understanding. 
Interactive e-Learning videos effectively show a student’s performance via visual aid. These results aren’t biased since you can examine the student’s understanding of each topic. In addition, these videos allow you to track the learner’s progress effectively.

How to Create Interactive Online Training Videos 

An interactive online training video is a traditional video that features clickable objects that make the experience more tactile and engaging. They are the most effective online training medium as they give the learner more control over their studies. Use this step-by-step guide to create interactive online content for your e-Learning students; 

Step 1 - Define Your Goals and Objectives 

Before engaging yourself in the video creation process, identify your goals. What do you wish to achieve at the end of the training? Are interactive videos the best option for the training? What features do you intend to use? Asking yourself such questions allows you to develop an effective strategy that aligns with the learning objectives.
This is also a good opportunity to interact with a graphic designer to help you plan. If you wish to enjoy a smooth interactive video creation session, it is best to plan. 

Step 2 - Pick The Best Online Training Videos

At Cinema8, various video templates make work easier for those new to the concept. Take a good account of the available online assets and recordings that align with your objectives. Ensure they are clear and they feature the key takeaways. 
This step requires you to have your training videos ready. If not, it’s time to pause and begin shooting. The process of shooting a quality training video can be tricky, but there are plenty of tools at Cinema8 to help you produce yours from the ground up. 
After selecting the ideal video, upload it to Cinema8 to begin editing. The first step is to ensure the video is free-flowing and builds up to address the intended message. Next, use the available e-Learning video editor to trim and add filters to the video. 

Step 3 - Choose The Ideal Interactions 

It’s time to make your video interactive and immersive! If you are new to this, it is best to involve an experienced graphic designer to help you out. First, you need to consider the number of interactions you wish to include in your video. This number depends on the length of the training video. Some of the basic interactions to consider are; 
•    Featuring links that redirect the learners to an online article or a third-party site. Links are often the best way to introduce supplementary materials to the learners. 
•    Using hotspots that direct the viewer to questionnaires, surveys, and other feedback forms. 
•    Using the branching option to create hyperlinked interactive paths. Hotspots help you customize the training by allowing learners to choose their topic of interest. 

Always ensure that you space your interactions accordingly. For example, avoid crowding them in one section of the video because they may lose meaning, and the learners might not feel their full effect. 

Tip: Include the first interactive feature between the 1 to 2-minute time interval. 
However, how you space these features depends on the video’s time frame. Therefore, it is best to create a timeline that includes all interactions. You can include this part in the planning process where you determine all the interactives you’ll be using and how you intend to convey the message. 

Step 4 - Track Your Video 

After shooting and editing your video, it is time to ensure that it serves its purpose accordingly and achieves the intended results. Use the video analytics features at Cinema8 to determine if the video was worth the effort. These powerful analytical features give you valuable insights to help you identify any changes, corrections, or improvements to be made. 
This is also a chance to review your content and rate yourself. Use this time to ensure the links, hotspots, and other interactive features work correctly. 

Interactive videos are undoubtedly the future of online training because they introduce additional interactive elements that keep your audience engaged. These videos prove effective in various fields, and it is time to introduce them to your organization. This review guides you through the video-making process and how these clips are beneficial to any learning or training institution. Create your interactive online training video at Cinema8 today!