From past to present, people are looking for quality and fun content. This search for quality content can be a video to watch, or an advertising video to watch while surfing the Internet. Now, the content needs to attract and entertain the viewer in order to attract attention.

In the marketing industry, everyone is trying to get ahead of their competitors. Selling more products and becoming more known is the common goal of all marketing professionals. In order to do this, it is very important that they follow current marketing techniques and keep up with them. Because you need to offer your target audience content that offers different experiences than your competitors and will take you one step further. That is why many marketing experts have started to produce interactive content and research what they can do in this field.

The situation may seem a little scary for someone who has not previously produced interactive content or just heard of this concept. Actually, it is not at all. This guide was originally created to guide and assist marketing professionals who want to produce interactive content. Remember that you can ask us any question you need by contacting us when you need it. Let's start.

What is Interactive Video?

Today, we watch and learn everything from videos. In these linear videos we watch, we can only interact with the videos by clicking the buttons such as pause, play, fast forward and rewind or watch again. Except for the features you can find in every such video, there are no options that you can impress and include in the videos.

In contrast to linear videos, interactive videos enable viewers to interact with videos through a variety of tools. You can add buttons, audio files, drawings, clickable areas and many other interaction tools in interactive videos, where you can answer and give feedback based on the answers given, and you can offer different experiences to your target audience.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

In this way, interactive videos customize the viewers' experiences. As viewers experience this difference, you can more easily reveal the main idea of ​​your interactive content. This means more participation to you, more views and this increases your brand awareness. Brand awareness is equal, Customer.

Video Trends & Market Size

The videos are shown as a good marketing strategy today. We have mentioned visually that it is more interesting to the audience and more memorable. Now videos have become an imperative to describe things or use them as advertising media. Therefore, it is very important to use videos actively in your marketing strategies in order to follow trend methods and increase your marketing success.

Now let's take a look at the importance and trends of video content in the digital world statistically.

Video Trends

  • 81% of businesses used video as a marketing strategy, while this rate was 63% last year. This situation seems to increase exponentially in the coming years. [Source]
  • 6 out of 10 people now prefer to watch videos instead of television. In fact, this statistic emphasizes how important the video we put at the center of our lives. [Source]
  • By 2022, online videos will account for over 82% of all consumer internet traffic. There must be a good opportunity to use videos in marketing… [Source]
  • 78% of people watch online video every week, 55% watch online video every day. [Source]
  • Its users watch over 1 billion hours of videos every day on YouTube. This shows how the video is in our lives. [Source]
  • 75% of video views are done by mobile devices. Perhaps it is wise to design your videos for mobile devices. [Source]
  • A person watching the video keeps 95% of the message he / she watches in the video while keeping 10% of the text. It is clear that those who present their content through video will be understood more. [Source]
  • 72% of customers want to learn about products or services through video. In other words, if you do not use video technologies while presenting your products or services, it becomes difficult to attract attention. [Source]
  • Viewers are 1.5 times more likely to watch videos on their mobile phones than other options. [Source]
  • 92% of users watching videos on mobile will share the video with others. This means that your video marketing strategy will spread successfully. [Source]
  • 65% of people use videos to solve their problems. Installing the new cabinet or solving a problem with your new car… It would be easy to explain with interactive videos… [Source]
  • It can produce 1200% more shares than a video, text or image content that you will put on social media. [Source]
  • The view rate of video campaigns on LinkedIn is about 50%. By creating an impressive interactive video in Cinema8, you can share it on LinkedIn.

Video Marketing Statistics

Videos contribute 300% to your traffic in the marketing area. It also improves your sales. [Source]
A business using video on web pages is 53 times more likely to appear on Google results than on other pages. [Source]
Placing videos on your landing pages increases the turnaround rate by up to 80%. [Source]
Approximately 50% of users on the Internet are looking for videos about the product or service before visiting a store. It is very easy to prepare interactive product promotions or virtual store trips with Cinema8. [Source]
25% of businesses publish at least one video every week. Interactive videos that you will create regularly will benefit your brand. [Source]
Today, 85% of consumers want to see more videos. [Source]
Video content is expected to account for 82% of internet traffic by 2021. [Source]
According to what 97% of marketers say; video content helps the consumer to understand the products or services. [Source]

So, what are the trends in terms of video content, what should you consider when using videos in your marketing campaigns?

The most engaging videos are less than two minutes long. [Source]
93% of video is used in marketing campaigns. [Source]
73% of marketers say that the use of video in marketing campaigns positively affects their return on investment. [Source]

The Benefits of Using Interactive Content- Sales Tips

Come now, what are the benefits of using interactive videos with Cinema8 from your marketing campaigns, let's look at them.

You Attract the Attention of People Who Can Be Your Customer

Video interactions give viewers reason to stay on the video. Someone with a unique experience of interactions will show more interest in your videos. Especially if this person is new to interactive videos, your marketing campaign will be much more catchy.

Benefit from The Power of Social Media

It doesn't really matter how much money you spend on a video. An interactive video you make with little budget can reach an unexpected amount of people. Because today, the use of social media has increased considerably.

Interactive videos can easily go viral on social media platforms with high usage rates. Because it's fun. Organizing your marketing campaign with fun interactive video content will be much more useful than doing this with boring content.

At the same time, since the most widely used social media platforms are video and visual use, it will be much easier to attract attention when an interactive video is shared on these platforms.

Highlight Your Brand

Mouth-to-mouth spread is still an effective marketing force from past to present. The more people talk about you, the more you become known in similar sectors.

Since interactive videos are highly available to go viral, they appear to more people and increase brand awareness. Also, the interactive videos you have prepared will satisfy the viewers, and entertaining or educational content will increase audience loyalty and your brand will be more memorable.

Increase the Interest in Your Website

People visit their favorite sites over and over again. If you provide good user experience and content on your site, it is possible for users to bookmark your site and follow it closely.

You can draw the attention of the user to your websites by using interactive videos on your websites. With all this interest in your website, you can achieve higher rank and more views on search engines. This will make you even more famous.

Content That Contains Gamification Will Attract Everyone's Attention

Gamification has become a part of our lives now. Although it is not known much until a short time ago, it is now tried to be used and used in all contents.

With Cinema8 interactive tools, you can put points systems or level up feature on your video content and you can provide advantages to your viewers who use them.

With gamification elements, you can get more space in the minds of customers who will have fun with your video content.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

All brands produce content for marketing. Everywhere is full of content. This has significantly reduced consumers' interest in content. That's why doing something different in content has become very important. Consumers are now browsing less because there is nothing interesting in them.

Interactive videos provide a different experience than purely linear videos. You can take advantage when your competitors are probably not using interactive videos.

Determine How Far You Are from Your Target

Nowadays, “data” is everything… Cinema8 allows you to analyze your videos with all their fields. The better you know your target audience, the better you can choose the moves you will make in the future.

You can prepare surveys or exams for your customers and collect information about them.

Why Is It Important to Use Videos in Marketing?

Actually, the answer is quite simple… Videos are everywhere now… Interactive videos follow them…

To follow the agenda, go to Twitter or browse a little Instagram. How many videos do you encounter during the day?

Of course, quite a lot. Now we see the videos everywhere. Today, a marketing specialist who wants to advertise his brand or product can deliver the messages he wants to reach to the target audience in the easiest way through videos. Therefore, videos now have an important place in marketing and will continue to increase this position in the future.

Except for some brands that do not follow current technologies, all companies now use video technologies in marketing. Now this popularity is shifting towards interactive videos. Naturally, not following the current trends in marketing will exclude you from the game.

When we say marketing methods with interactive videos, you should not think that this is an expensive marketing choice. Because nowadays, even a short video of any product that the customer pulls on social media can go viral and perhaps provide marketing returns that you can't earn when you spend millions.

We mentioned that you can easily introduce your products or services with Interactive Videos and attract your attention. Besides all these, using interactive videos in marketing allows you to determine your success with data according to other marketing methods. You can determine how much of the interactive videos you prepared are watched, which seconds are the most interesting, which button is clicked more on the video, which country your viewers are from most, and which question is answered correctly. At the end of your video, you can access much more data about those who want to connect with your brand.

All the data you will provide from your interactive contents will guide you and it will be useful to determine your next step. Who knows, by measuring the interest you get from your audience, you will realize that maybe you need to change the colors you use.

To sum up, the answer to the question why should I use interactive videos in marketing will be as follows;

  • Today, with the increasing rate of internet usage, it is becoming more and more popular. Interactive video, like everything popular, will reach the target audience.
  • Provides the opportunity to organize your marketing strategies according to the data you have obtained
  • Viewers who are passive in other marketing methods are more active in interactive videos due to interaction.
  • For precisely the above reason, an interactive video that makes the viewer active will also be watched more. It will naturally reach more people. Your audience has a unique experience in an interactive video, making your brand more memorable.
  • Viewers with unique experiences in interactive videos will be more satisfied.

You can use interactive videos in marketing without any high cost, you can create marketing campaigns that will increase your sales and attract all the attention.

Usage Areas, New Sales Trends

The use of interactive content in the field of marketing is increasing day by day. Companies that do not want to fall back from their competitors, on the other hand, are trying to attract the attention of the target audience by turning to interactive videos in the field of marketing. Let's look at the types of interactive content that you can produce in Cinema8, where you can easily prepare interactive videos, and see what you can accomplish with them.


You may want to promote products in your marketing campaign. Interactive content is well suited for such promotions. You can tell the audience all the details you will promote. Because in Cinema8 interactive videos, you can add pop-up menus to videos, create information windows or add extra informative videos to the video. In this way, the audience will have access to many sources in interactive content, except for the limited information that the audience will learn from a linear video.

Interactive Quizzes

Cinema8 allows you to add different types of questions within videos. In this way, you can create interactive tests.

Interactive tests can be a powerful tool for marketers to gather information from your potential customers or viewers and turn online visits into customers. In classical methods, the visitor visits a website and they are asked to fill in forms. Instead, you can build stronger connections with potential customers with fun, engaging interactive content, and provide quality content before collecting information. This will change the viewer's perspective on you.

Some marketers want to influence and entertain their target audiences and increase brand awareness. Some marketers want to create self-propagable and shareable content on the Internet. With the interactive exam content, you can create with Cinema8, you choose both preferences.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing


Collecting information from potential customers is one of the important steps we will take as a reference when deciding what to do next. Surveys do just that.

It can be easy to learn the thoughts of a small audience. But as the target audience grows, it is a little more difficult to learn their thoughts. You can design and add surveys to your videos on Cinema8. In this way, you can learn the perspective of large target audiences against your brand or any subject and use this information for your purpose.

With the information you will collect, your target will be clarified first. You can see where you did wrong and correct the problem parts.


Social media or posts are some of the few ways to sell your brand or product online. However, if you want to share your ideas with your audience in advance, you can organize webinars and take one step ahead of your competitors with this modern method.

Cinema8 also provides live streaming. You can transfer the content you want to transfer to the target audience via webinars and easily transfer your brands or products to online audiences. Moreover, this method, unlike many marketing channels, will be less costly with its practical structure and will protect you from a huge burden.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

Gamification Embedded Videos

Interactive content gives viewers a fun experience. It is quite easy to turn a linear video into a game through more than 20 different interactions of Cinema8. Prepare your content fiction and make it interactive. Place your brand or product promotions in your content that you add gamification.


You may also not need to clearly promote your brand or product in interactive videos. With the easy-to-use advertising tools of Cinema8, you can place your product ads in a normal video that you will publish on social media or your website, and display advertisements to viewers who are interested in entertaining interactive content.

360° Videos

Nowadays, 360° videos are becoming more and more common. Place or product promotions can be carried out quite easily through 360° videos.

Do you have a store or impressive product that you want to show to your target audience? With 360° videos, you can easily introduce them, and with Cinema8, you can place interactions that will affect viewers in your 360° videos.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

Enrich Your Existing Videos

You don't have to make your dream marketing campaign from scratch. You may have marketing video content that you have used before. By simply uploading them to Cinema8 and adding interaction tools, you can quickly create interactive content in your mind and attract the attention of the target audience.

Video Editing and Production Programs

In this section, we will talk about which programs you can use when you make your video editing process with paid or free options. Let's take a look at the list.

Adobe Premiere
One of the most commonly used products, Premiere is a professional video editing program. One of the reasons it is so popular is that it supports many video formats and user-friendly interface created by Adobe's experience. Someone who has mastered the program will produce quite professional jobs.

In order to use it, Premiere must be purchased and you can download the trial version in this link.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

Camtasia, which is also one of the most used video editing and screen recording programs, offers an easy use to inexperienced users in the fields of video editing or screen recording with its easy-to-use interface. Besides the video editing features, the screen recording feature is one of the features that takes it one step further among its competitors. A product you can use especially if you are going to prepare screen trainings.

You can review Camtasia, which requires a license to use, in this link and download the trial version.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

PowerDirector is one of the preferred video editing and editing programs. It provides convenience to its users with its transition effects. Apart from many vehicles in it, it is also very successful that it quickly turns the project produced in it into a video.

You can review the PowerDirector, which requires a license to use, in this link and download the trial version.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

Corel VideoStudio
Corel VideoStudio, one of the successful video editing programs, stands out with its 4K and 360° video performance from most of its competitors.

You can review Corel VideoStudio, which requires a license to use, in this link and download the trial version.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

Vegas Pro 17
In the known names of video editing programs, Vegas Pro stands out with its success in optimization title from its competitors. Vegas Pro, which you can use easily without having a very high-end computer, also offers project archiving feature.

You can review Vegas Pro, which requires a license to use, in this link and download the trial version.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

Final Cut Pro
Developed by Apple, Final Cut Pro is a well-optimized program and therefore works well with low features.

You can access Final Cut Pro, a program developed for Mac that does not have a Windows version, and download the trial version in this link.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

Open source and free, Blender is a program developed for 3D animation but with sufficient video editing features.

You can click this link to browse and download the free-to-use Blender.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Resolve, a pioneer in the color settings of videos, has many professional tools.

If you want to edit your videos for free with its easy-to-use interface, you can review and download the program in this link.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

Interaction Types on Video Content

With Cinema8, you can add many interactions to the interactive videos you have prepared for use in marketing. So, what are these interactions? Let's take a look at them now.

Insert buttons, trigger interactions and integrate e-commerce into your videos

Cinema8 gives you the opportunity to add visuals to your videos. You can convert these images into buttons, and use these buttons to trigger actions within the video.

E.g.; with a button you add, you can offer the products you put into the video for sale to your customers immediately, and enable them to purchase quickly within the video or at the end. In this way, you can even fit your e-commerce activities into videos, allowing your customers to purchase products faster and more elegantly.

Or, by using these buttons, you can display the information windows in your dreams and create “informative menus” where your viewers can receive various information on different topics while watching your marketing content.

Click to view the tools and other tools that you can create buttons in the video such as Image, clickable tool.

Draw the attention of your audience by drawing

Cinema8 gives you the opportunity to draw on your videos. In this way, you can mark the areas you set in your interactive videos and gather the interest of the viewers to the points you determine.

Get your viewers to browse all videos from one video

With Cinema8, you can embed videos in your videos. You can design a marketing campaign in the form of nested videos and enable your customers to watch multiple videos without leaving the video they watch. In this way, you can present different videos of different concepts you have prepared to the audience in a single video and in a short time so that the audience can spend time on your interactive marketing video.

Whether you use the "HTML" element or the "Video" element… You can integrate videos into your videos with these interaction tools. Click to review HTML-Video elements and other elements.

Add impressive sound effects and background music to your videos

With Cinema8, you can add background music to your videos and focus your viewers on videos.

Or you can add sound effects to any button in the video, and activate the sound effect you added when the viewer interacts with the button.

Click to review the audio interaction tool and other tools.

Ask your potential customers with various types of questions, collect data and turn it into an advantage

Cinema8 offers you 5 different question types that you can add to your interactive videos. These; Free Text, Single Select, Multi Select, Fill In The Black and Audio / Video Input are the question types. Click to review these question types.

You can collect information from your viewers with questions you can add on your videos. At the same time, you can use this information you gather quickly within the video and direct your videos according to the audience choices.

For example; you have created an interactive video for a marketing campaign. But your campaign should also cater to different age groups and generations. You can create video content according to different age groups or choices, and you can direct the video according to the choice of the question you will ask the audience at once. You can direct a user who chooses option A to the 30th Second, and direct the viewer who chooses the option B to the 50th Second (times are examples).

Provide surveys to your audience. Give feedback based on the results

Cinema8 gives you the ability to place surveys into videos. You can use these surveys either to collect personal data from your audience or to get an idea about a video or other topic.

For example; ask your viewers how they found your interactive marketing campaign,

If they liked your interactive video;

        You can direct them to an email address where they can contact you, or make sales in the video.

If they don't like your interactive video;

        You can organize your campaigns according to the data and create interactive videos that will attract more attention from your customers.

Click to review Form Designer interaction tool and other tools.

Quickly share your videos for marketing purposes on social media accounts or integrate them on websites

You can easily share the interactive videos you create in Cinema8 Creative Studio on your social media accounts.

Besides all these social media accounts, you can embed your interactive video on a website and increase your website traffic.

Steps for Interactive Storytelling

You've probably heard of people using videos in marketing. You wanted to use it too, but don't know where to start? Let's see how to create interactive video content step by step.

1. Analyze Your Needs and Set A Goal

As with all the marketing campaigns you have, you should start with a goal. What is your marketing purpose? More visits to your website or increased sales? It can also be networking or promoting products in a quality way… Interactive video content will help you a lot in this regard. Setting a goal before starting the marketing campaign will allow you to measure how successful you are when you look at the reports at the end of the job. Apart from all these, it is very important to decide on which platforms to publish interactive content when your project is completed. Because this will change your moves in the next steps.

First of all, what have you already done as marketing, what were your goals, look at them. Then what are you going to do for marketing, what's the next goal, decide. Determine where and on what budget you will put your video on the market.

2. Evaluate Your Sources and Decide Who the Video Producer Will Be

Set your video preparation limits in the next step. Will you create your video, which you will make interactive content, in your own company? Or to other companies whose business is video production?

If you are going to prepare videos yourself, do you have a professional video production tool to use in video production? This can be a professional camera or a program to edit video… Regardless of your resources from the video preparation process, evaluating the materials at hand will help you determine the scope and budget of your video.

Will you prepare the videos to be used or will it create another company that you will authorize? Making the decision of this and browsing the materials at hand will enable you to take the next step more firmly.

3. Create A Scenario and Prepare A Storyboard

You evaluated your sources and determined who the video maker was. Now it's time to think about your video and create a script.

First, decide on the type of video to be created. Of course, when making this decision, consider the needs and goals you set in Step 1.

The type of video you create can be a service information, 360-degree office presentation, customer reference, surveys, or product demo.

Once you've determined your video type, it's time to set up the scenario. Create a storyboard about your video here. While this will make it easier for you to prepare the video, it will also be useful to convey the ideas you have in mind when you prepare the video to another company. Because the idea of ​​the video you created in your mind will be divided into scenes and visualized through the storyboard. You will create answers to questions such as where the video started and what's in the middle on the storyboard.

Transfer the idea to the paper and create a storyboard. Storyboard will help you transfer your ideas to the video.

4. Take A Video of Yourself or Work with Professional Companies

So far, we have decided on the purpose of our interactive video content and evaluated our resources and decided on who the video maker is. Then we created a scenario and storyboard. Now it's time to create a video…

If you are going to shoot the video, anticipating the things to be done and pouring them into paper in small notes will prevent any missing material or time loss during shooting.

If you have chosen a company that will shoot or create the video, do not hesitate to contact the team that will shoot the video. Even be with them in the process of taking videos. This will prevent many possible mistakes.

5. Make Your Video Interactive with Cinema8

Since our video to be interactive is ready, it's time to make it interactive with Cinema8… You can work with us here or add interactions to the video with what you learned from the tutorials. Anyway, when you do everything step by step until you get to this point, you will finally need to drag and drop Cinema8's easy-to-use interaction tools into the video. It's that easy.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

6. Your Video Is Ready to Share
After completing your video, it's time to share it with the world… You can use your video on any platform you want with Cinema8 and embed it in any website. The method you choose is entirely up to you and it is important to choose the method that will give you the most return.

Measurement, Analytics and Optimization

You can easily access the viewing statistics of the interactive videos you have prepared with Cinema8. Cinema8 also provides you with statistics of the interaction tools you have added to the video. Easily determine how many people saw the image you added or how many people clicked on the buttons you placed.

Why Do You Need Video Statistics in Your Marketing Campaigns?

There are goals you want to achieve as a result of your marketing campaigns. You want to achieve these goals at the end of the campaign.

After preparing your interactive videos and presenting them to your customers, you can only determine how far you are to the point you are targeting with statistical data. After determining how successful the interactive video you prepared is, it will be much more logical to shape the new videos you will make in the future. Because now you will know what you are doing good and bad and you will draw a new path accordingly.

As a result of marketing campaigns prepared with classic videos, customers would be viewers and go without leaving a trace behind them. This would cause you to be unable to determine whether the video you prepared serves the purpose.

Using Cinema8 Analytics, you can read the comments of customers watching your interactive video, receive audio and video recordings, download all of them to your computer.

Determine Your Viewer's Locations

Let's say you are preparing a global marketing campaign. Your videos will be watched from all over the world.

Cinema8 Analytics will show you from which countries your videos are watched the most, perhaps you will realize the countries where you will make new investments by selecting the countries that are intensely interested in your marketing campaign.

Can't Get the Feedback You Want on The Videos You Use in Marketing?

Maybe your customers got into your video and left without watching. You can see how many customers have left your video, watched what percentage of your video, or how much interest your video has shown, with Cinema8 Analytics.

On Which Device Are Your Marketing Videos Watched Most?

Today, we access most data on mobile phones. Perhaps customers will use the most mobile phones to watch the interactive video you have prepared.

You can design your next video accordingly by learning which device was used most while watching your video. Maybe your video is too long to be bored when viewed on a mobile phone. Or the button designs you add to your video are not suitable for small screens of mobile phones. With Cinema8, it is possible to access all these data.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

Find Out Which Episodes of Your Interactive Video Have Been Watched the Most

With Cinema8, you can easily see which parts of your videos are watched and which sections are watched at least. This will show you what your customers care about in your videos.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

Is A Customer Watching Your Videos Once, Watching Again?

After the first viewers watching your videos on Cinema8 Analytics screen, it shows how many times they entered and watched your videos. In this way, you can reach the data of which of your videos are most demanded or whether there is a campaign that can be consumed again and again and the customer enjoys.

Interactive Content Developers Guide for Marketing

Get Ideas from Your Viewers to Produce Better Quality Interactive Content

You can ask your viewers any questions or get ideas about your marketing campaign through the forms you will place in videos in Cinema8.

You can reach all the communication you have with the audience with the Cinema8 Analytics screen, and you can create your next interactive video to be more beneficial by taking into account your customers' ideas.