The war for top talent is always on the blaze, and one of the most convincing weapons in your recruitment munitions stockpile is the content you make an offer with imminent candidates. Driven by portable availability and social media, the current progressively advanced digital landscape is the battleground for employment and talent procurement. 

          Cinema8 Blog - Importance of Interactive Videos in Recruitment Process and Other Domains

As new channels rise and abilities to focus shrink, recruiters must discover and explore opportunities for more frequent, customised correspondence to grab the eye of the advancing workforce. 

Planned representatives search for professional opportunities they are enthusiastic about. This merely implies that recruitment experts need to use innovativeness to pick up their consideration and create energy among the candidates. Authoritative wellbeing, work/life parity, and friends' culture are getting progressively significant for drawing in (and holding) talent, everything needs to be conveyed in a spectacular manner to get hold of the candidates' interest.

Interactive video has the ability to carry all the useful information about an organisation and communicate in the most charming way possible without wasting anyone's valuable time.

What Is an Interactive Video?

Interactive video is a new medium that is quite helpful in engaging the audience. If you Google about it, you will be able to find millions of responses that can only leave you in a confused state.

To summarise the idea of the interactive video, you can simply comprehend that it is an innovative form of media that many top brands of the world are utilising to engage consumers. They are the most helpful tool to help organisations and brands to achieve their marketing goals.

Interactive videos have doubtlessly proved itself to be the most effective tool as it has shown some remarkable results in engaging the audience. Many marketers believe that it will continue to become a more significant component of the modern marketing platform.

An interactive video has the ability to allow the viewers to interact with the video content itself by using a variety of astounding tools. Users have access to click, drag, scroll, hover, and many other digital actions to interact with the content of the video. It is as similar as to interact with the web content. You can make your interactive contents with Cinema8 interactive video platform in a minute, and have a look a good example of interactive video below.

Reasons Why Interactive Videos Can Be Helpful for Organisations in Hiring New Candidates.

Interactive videos have already become one of the most useful assets for a number of recruitment marketing agencies. It is mostly expected that in the coming year, the video content will be able to generate more internet traffic than it is generating today. After profound research, a comparison shows that making an interactive video for the recruitment purposes has turned out to be the more effectual tool in engaging candidates and also keeping them informed.

Many organisations, other than the recruitment marketing agencies, have already adopted video as part of their recruitment drive.

When it comes to recruitment, using interactive videos can show numerous advantages. There are some drawbacks as well, but the pros of utilising them subside any shortcoming that would probably occur.

We have gathered and conversed some of the subtle reasons to demonstrate why interactive video can be helpful for organisations in hiring new candidates.

1.    It Helps to Reduce Candidate Drop-Off Rates

While two minutes is sufficient opportunity to impart simple and basic thoughts and concepts into your watchers' mind, other far more complicated subjects are much more difficult to explain. Like a full expected set of responsibilities or any job description will be expected to take longer utilising conventional level video. This is on the grounds that you have to really expound on things, such as capabilities and experience required, the job's obligations and remuneration packages, to give some examples. 

In any case, by utilising interactive video, you can fit substantially more data into shorter run time. By giving competitors discretionary interactive highlights, new candidates can decide to get to data about the parts of your job that they are keen on. It will save everyone's precious time as they will move on without you driving all your latent capacity possibility to convey the information to them and for them to endure this data.

The best example that can be explained in the scenario is that candidates that cannot drive may be keen on observing an interactive guide demonstrating open vehicle connects to your office. However, those applicants that can drive do not need to bother with this information. Along these lines, interactive video can expand your competitor commitment, by keeping your video's runtime shorter and permitting possibility to self-select the data they need.

2.    It Helps to Increase Engagement with Interactive Features

Your video can lose applicants because of the detachment of the experience. While candidates may hold a greater portion (approximately 95%) of a video message, so as to do this, they have to make it end of the video. In spite of the fact that keeping your video short can help with this, including interactive components likewise supports the odds of watchers making it to the end of your video. 

Along these lines, just as keeping your videos shorter to improve commitment, the interactive highlights themselves really increment commitment by giving viewers an interactive encounter.

Note: Interactive components can actually expand the engagement and conversion rates of the organisation as well.

3.    It Helps in Capturing the Candidate's Attention

Similarly, as educating potential applicants regarding your way of life, interactive video can likewise be utilised to catch the consideration of latent candidates. You may have the possibility of getting the attention of the ideal passing applicant that coincidentally was perusing your organisation page.

Since interactive videos have the ability to provide the opportunity for the candidates to select the topic or information they want to retrieve about the organisation, it can get an organisation the best match for their open job vacancies.

4.    Set a Difference Between Trend Chaser and Trend Setter

While the plain and simple video is inconceivably well known, the issue is that everybody else in the market is doing it as well. Cisco gauge that inside the year, there will be more than one million minutes of video content traffic traded every second. With this measure of video content being delivered, it will be progressively hard to separate your video content from that of your rivals. On the off chance that everybody is making video content, it is a head-scratching subject to think about how you would get a candidate to consider your job postings.

Nonetheless, utilising interactive video can assist you with separating yourself from the opposition. Also, having all the engagement and retention benefits portrayed before, the curiosity of the interactive organisation presently cannot seem to wear off from over-introduction.

Interactive video is as yet a genuinely new medium, so it is evident that if you have charged one of a kind interactive video for your job postings, it will be sufficient attract to snare candidates in. Along these lines, you can increase an edge over your opposition, which is significant in the present competitor serious market.

Where Can Interactive Videos Be Utilised?

Apart from the recruitment campaigns, there are also many other sectors that are taking complete benefit form the interactive videos. Since these videos have the aptitude to enhance user engagement, they work absolutely fine with people of all ages. Some areas are highlighted below, where interactive videos continue to show miracles.

1.    Product Demo

Other than genuinely dealing with the item, there is not any more compelling method for exhibiting or clarifying how something functions than with interactive item videos.

If the designing or the details about the product is a little complex, then viewers can have access to view it with different angles to get a better understanding.

2.    Education

Interactive preparing videos are an incredible instrument for showing individuals such that fills in as well as makes the experience charming.

Creating live-like videos for any scenario to help students comprehend easily is the best thing that can be done with the assistance of interactive videos. It is not only fun but also an enormous help in communicating the right knowledge to the students.

3.    Collecting Customer's Feedback

Getting customer feedback is vital to help your business grow. Essentially people often get irritated with the survey calls by the companies to get the review. Interactive videos can be a big help in getting feedback from the customers without unnecessarily irritating them. A standard survey takes even a lot of time for the staff. Whereas, the interactive videos can save a lot of time where they can carry out other important tasks that can bring benefit to the organisation.

Note: Consider clever methods for building computer game-like stories around your item that remembers client input for a characteristic way.

4.    Entertainment

Interactive videos are all the way set up to enhance the user experience by giving them the opportunity to select their own adventures and make decisions for their entertainment preferences. Many global media service providers like Netflix has been working on this strategy to provide users with the luxurious experience of their life.

It will definitely alter the landscape of the television and many other entertainment podiums and would surely offer a great time for the users. People who wanted the opportunity to make short animated movies, screenplay or even music videos, can take ultimate benefits from this technology.

To Wrap It Up

Recruitment is one of those services we all have utilised once in a while. However, they are rapidly forgotten when we are sheltered and make sure about in our comfortable occupations. Any individual who has thought about changing their workplace and find a new job to discover better opportunities in an alternate domain realises how troublesome it tends to be to discover something appropriate. As there are a lot of things that are needed to be taken under consideration while swapping jobs.

Interactive videos can be a very useful asset that can help people in finding suitable jobs for them and get the answers to all their queries merely by interacting with the videos incorporated by an organisation.

According to many marketers, the interactive videos have helped increased the traffic to their business, making most of the candidates to reach out to them that has enhanced their recruitment campaigns. With all this in your knowledge, there is no other appropriate way to improve your recruitment drive than using interactive videos to attract the candidates.