Shopify videos or e-commerce videos are videos compiled specifically to sell products. While these aren’t that dissimilar from ads, they identify several products from a lineup that can be bought by clicking on the video. This is the next step in the evolution of selling products.

Cinema8 Blog - What Is a Shopify Video?

Take this video for example. It shows a young woman on a beach in various outfits. There are several items that she shows off and you subsequently get small bubbles which pop up amplifying them. If you click on these bubbles, it automatically loads those items into a cart for you to purchase. This is the next stage of the e-commerce evolution. It will show you the product being worn and allow you to buy it. 

Advantages of Shopify Videos/Interactive E-Commerce Videos

Before videos or ads were used, you had links that redirected you to certain products. However, now, interactive video can go a step further and load those products into a cart for you to buy. Not only does this encourage people to buy, but it also ensures that the products will be bought.

These videos show how the product looks in real life on a person, and thus take away the reluctance that buyers have. Some interactive videos also show the products in an environment that is familiar to the buyer. For example, videos that sell furniture will often show the products in a natural environment. They will show beds and tables and chairs in a virtual living room. These videos will show people interacting with them, making them more real and useful. Hence, this instills a sense of usefulness in the consumer. It will help them identify how this product can fit into their lives as simply as it does in the video. This will help to facilitate the purchase even further.

It also takes the experience one step further and adds urgency to the buying experience. If you watch the video closely, the bubbles with the products in them disappear very quickly. This creates an atmosphere for immediacy where you simply have to click on the product before it ‘disappears’. Adding this to the experience gives a certain rush to the buyer to help facilitate the purchase.

The incorporation of these ad-like videos may help boost sales in the industry. This will allow the customers to be present in the moment, and more involved with the experience. That’s always something that will help interest customers and push them to take the next leap.

Interactive e-commerce videos or Shopify videos are the future for the E-commerce industry. It’s not just enough to show a product by itself now and tell customers to buy it. You need to show how that product will fit into their lives and push them to buy it.

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