Video has proven to be an integral part of the content marketing and entertainment industry in recent years because of its solid revenue models, availability and engagement rates. Consumers encounter videos on almost every social media platform and video is expected to be responsible for 80% of all internet traffic by 2021 according to Cisco. As the algorithm of social media platforms is becoming more complex with the development of artificial intelligence, and it is getting harder to predict upcoming video trends. However, there are several video trends are sure to be frontrunners such as mobile-first videos, video learning and more recently, interactive video. 

Cinema8 Blog - Video Trends And Revenue Models

Video Revenue Models

Video is one of the most useful mediums available for creators and influencers on social media, consumers, and for companies with its profitable revenue models. Video revenue models are largely depended upon the type of video content you are creating. It is possible to have a monthly subscription fee-based format such as Netflix or Hulu, advertisement-supported format such as YouTube (which is currently trying to add a monthly subscription option), and crowdfunding format such as Patreon for individual creators. Influencer accounts can have a stream of revenue by sharing videos or promoting products in their social media profiles as mobile-first videos keep on rising. 

Video Trends

Mobile-First Videos

By the end of 2020, the number of mobile internet users is expected surpass 5 billion worldwide and it is not a surprise to see an inflation of mobile-first videos on social media platforms in the 2020s. Mobile-first videos are one of the best ways to connect with target audiences and capture their attention quicker than regular landscape videos. Although we are already having an outburst of mobile-first videos on social media, especially in influencer marketing, it is harder for video content marketers to create videos that are suitable for varying screen resolutions and sizes.

Video Learning

E-learning is a form of learning that is possible without physically being somewhere and video is one of its main sources. Video learning became an integral part of e-learning as the availability, convenience and technology of video steadily increased during the 2000s. In the 2010s, consumers did not even need a computer to have access to video learning tools thanks to the development of mobile-friendly applications. Today, video learning is a must-have of every corporate training program and popular among many other individual learning sessions. In the 2020s, video learning is expected to keep its spot on upcoming decades’ video trends.

Interactive Video

Interactive video is growing in popularity every year due to its revolutionary aspects that maximize the user’s input to the video. Consumers enjoy the enhanced experience and they remember the ads in an interactive video 32% more in comparison to a regular video. Also, technological developments that can make video interactive and personalized are starting to become more broadly available and easier to use. With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is possible to foresee that interactive video will be one of the main video trends in upcoming years.

We know that the video is not going anywhere in the long run and it is possible to guess where its future lies. Our concept of a video can drastically change with the rise of interactive video, additional revenue models, technological improvements on mobile phones and cultural shifts. Where do you think the video is heading and how will it change in the upcoming years?

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