Interactive Video in the Sales Process

New technologies and video trends emerge in every aspect of our lives and are increasingly shaping the sales of the future. The personalization of communication and the presence of platforms and studies aimed at the individual in every field have made it necessary for today's companies to be in contact with the customer and to receive feedback from them. Interactive videos are becoming more and more popular every day and are quickly becoming the best way to provide communication between the company and the customer. Interactive videos that provide transparency between the producer and the consumer can be considered as the first steps of the trade culture of the future.

Cinema8 Blog - Using Interactive Video in the Sales Process

Business to Business and Business to Customer 

Nowadays, most shopping is done over the internet, and e-commerce is becoming a highly competitive environment where all small and large companies are taking part in to survive the future. The Internet can be seen as an open market at this point. In order to show themselves in this big market, brands need to follow the changing technology and trends closely and shape their advertising understanding according to the demands of the consumers.

With the developing internet technology and social media, many things in our lives are becoming personalized; and individual-oriented information has become an important source for companies. The use of social media and communication habits, which changed with the new generation, directed the companies to this field and the advertising and sales methods that were under the control of the companies have now become under the control of trends and individuals.

Previously, the feedback from consumers was very little in B2B trade. Companies mainly focused on product variety and ease of use. Nowadays, in order to be successful in e-commerce, companies need to get more information and feedback about their customers. With B2C, designs and new ideas that could attract customers' attention came to the forefront and videos that attracted people's attention were introduced. The interactive video method (which is also used in the field of education) provided the most efficient feedback from the users and is among the best marketing strategies and will consequently be used a lot more in the future.

New Techniques

Interactive video is effectively helping the viewer shape their decision about what product or service interests them most. Influencing the buying decision of a customer becomes possible when they have the opportunity to actually engage with the product. Pause, rewind or delve further into specific features, as long as the company takes the feedback into consideration, will ultimately lead to increased sales. This way of selling will provide better quality in products and communication between companies and customers.

Companies that started to use this method have already seen the benefits of it and it is becoming a trend in sales too. Interactive video is a perfect opportunity to provide customers with a dynamic experience when learning about your products and your brand. It is often referred to as V-commerce and it is evident in many areas. From entertainment to e-learning, training to sales, the interactive video will also start to appear on sales processes more and more each year.

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