Top 7 Video Types to Leverage Video Marketing For Your Business

The content marketing landscape is continuously changing, and with every passing minute, the companies are trying to reach their customers through different types of content videos. The marketers are highly focused today on engaging their target audiences with video marketing.

Do you know that we all interact with more than 100 million hours of Youtube videos in a day? 

The video marketing platform is used for more than just entertainment! It helps companies connect, aware, support, and equally delight their customers. Now is the time to up your video marketing strategies by filming your first video out of a million others planned!

Let’s get started on seven types of videos to amp your digital marketing game! 

1. Informational and Awareness Videos

The informational videos are either process-oriented or list curated around a theme. The titles of informational round-up videos could be such as “The Top 5 Best CRM Solutions” or “10 Steak Restaurants You Must Try in The Woodlands.”

Here are key ways to make round-up videos:

  • Keep it relatively short: Go for 4-5 minutes informational videos that cover the topic at length and keep your audience engaged simultaneously.
  • Add visuals and images: The goal is not just to speak on the camera, but to engage the audience with a mix-in of clips, still images, people, places, or products you are describing.
  • Variety: Remember to involve options; so that you’re not deciding for them, and with options involved you can instill call-to-action outcomes.

2. Animation Videos

If you’re excited to play around with fun video marketing, animated videos are a fantastic medium to create video content, especially for start-ups and small businesses. They can try their hands on this affordable medium, for which you only require a laptop and software for next to nothing. For technical know-how products, you can develop animation videos that involve breaking down complicated processes and subjects into an easy-to-use guide. This is why animated videos are frequently used as explainer videos in educational institutes and corporations. On 75% of the sales landing pages, you are most likely to come across great animated videos that make process or product mastery seem simple!

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3. How-To/Explainer Videos

The explainer or How-to videos walk you through the entire process or cover response to a commonly asked question about a product or process. The how-to videos are setting up high standards for building brand credibility. This also paves the way for your audience to trust you.  The best way to come up with an amazing quality how-to/explainer video is by covering the most frequently asked questions by buyers. Smartly pick them one by one and cover a short video explaining step by step procedure to be followed in it.

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4. Testimonials Videos

Now is the time to film the ultimate experience of your past customers in a conversational video. Everyone loves LOVES to hear what your satisfied clients have to say about the brand experience. The video should include positive affirmations and experiences shared by a third party, with the help of supporting visuals. This is an incredibly impactful way to make your company shine in the best light.

The psychological buying phenomenon states that people look for instances of what others have to say about using the product. The goal is to get them a reliable yet incredible and inspirational story.

5. Live Presentations And Talk Videos

The team leaders, managers, CEOs, CFOs, researchers, and people serving at higher positions share their experiences and struggles through the medium of speech videos. This strategy can lay a roadmap of double bang for every marketing buck spent. The key thing to do here is film their entire talk or presentation and the reactions of the panel. With a couple of color edits here and there, along with noise reduction, voila, you’ve got a great content video for your brand.

From attracting new leads to earning online, the live talk videos play a valuable role in sharing content at every marketing funnel stage. The goal is to earn credibility, and these types of video talks help to inspire your customers.  

6. Behind-the-scenes Videos

There are some exciting and entertaining scenes behind the actual manufacturing, development, or production of goods and services. Now is the time to show it all! Let your audience explore craftsmanship behind the scenes that takes into coming up with the final product. The company brands have started coming up with great ideas for behind-the-scenes videos, especially those that involve the work of artisans.  This would be a great medium to share all the authenticity behind crafting every individual product. The more you engage customers and win their trust, the better would be an investment in your product or service.

7. Event Promotional Videos

Whether you’re inviting guests to webinars, events, conferences, training sessions, felicitation ceremony or in-house discussions, you can create a promotional video pitch to lure the audience to your event. This presentation video should give a welcoming feel for your brand.

Here, you have to be brief and detailed about the entire event. You can keep a Call-to-Action button or form at the end end that that encourages viewers to fill up and save the date. The motive is to attract attendees and generate leads through the medium of promotional videos. This can be beneficial to engage viewers to use the product through the medium of event marketing.

Remember to add the key takeaways from the event in the video. The promo video should be kept short and concise, involving images, text, and cut-short videos.

Go Forth and Create One Masterpiece Out Of These 7 Leading Types for Your Brand

Videos are even more fun to make than watch! Your video should be an explanation of how you do business. Make sure you involve your customers and resonate with your audience by touching their pain points.

Are you Ready to Take Control of Video Marketing?

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