Storytelling Videos: A perfect Tooll to Elevate Your Brand’s Appearance and Visibility

Through ages, we have been a part of the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”. We have been practising and experiencing the extreme level of comfort and get a better understanding of the visuals as compared to the textual content.

The concept of implementing visualisation in the business industry has also developed some remarkably positive attributes. It did not only help the brands to boost up their appearance in the market and enhance their visibility among the consumers. But, with the help of the visual content consumers are more satisfied as they become more educated and knowledgeable about the products and services before availing them.

               Cinema8 Blog - Storytelling Videos: Elevate Your Brand’s Appearance and Visibility

There are millions of ways a brand can take help from the visual content to increase its revenue by enhancing their appearance in the market. A business can have their logo says all about them, or they can use some interactive video content to grab the attention from the audience. Video Storytelling is also one of the most effective and highly successful techniques that can easily help the organisations to reach out to their consumers and deliver the message with effectiveness.

It is not only a trend that companies follow these days, but it is a highly effective tool that has helped a number of renowned brands to boost up their visibility.

What is Visual Storytelling?

If you go by the definition, you will realise that storytelling is not rocket science as it is merely a series of messages that are delivered to the audience by using visual multimedia. The concept is not entirely new, but the trends have surely evolved over time, and it has become one of the most useful and practical assets for the organisations these days.

The idea of visual storytelling is more pertinent now than any other time in recent memory, particularly considering our exceptionally advanced age wherein there is a consistent fight for consumers’ consideration.

In today’s time and era, visual storytelling includes the utilisation of graphical designs, images, pictures, videos and recordings to connect with the viewer and keep them engaged with an end goal to drive feelings and collaboration. It helps them to feel emotionally attached, as they are highly interactive. These are the strategies that advertisers or marketers have been fixed on for quite a long time. However, with the fast ascent in the digital marketing sector, business pioneers are now preferring to call upon designers with extraordinary skills to bring life into their messages to be able to reach out to the market with more efficiency.

Visual storytelling is not tied in with blending content with an image; it is merely about determining the correct method to speak to or represent the data to guarantee that it is convincing and applicable for the appropriate audience. At the point when the visual perspective is at the highest point of being influential, the effect and execution of the content are amplified. Although, it is essential that the video designers must understand the importance of the content. They must be aware of all the methods and techniques to carry out various visual formats which are indeed critical for visual storytelling.

Why Is Visual Storytelling Important?

Human beings are visual creatures. 90% of the data transmitted to our cerebrum is usually visual, so it is nothing unexpected that visual storytelling gets your audience’s consideration without much trouble. Studies have demonstrated that our brains hold and transmit significantly more data — and process it all the more rapidly — when it's conveyed visually. 

Visual storytelling does not need to stop at print and promotions. A person or any business can easily utilise videos and other digitalised media, practical marketing events, blog entries with photographs, infographics and more to breathe life into their story. Only one out of every odd medium is right for each brand, whereas not every medium turns out to be profitable for every brand.

On the off chance that a company put the work into testing different visuals, they have the opportunity to discover what works best for their brand and audience — and make progressively significant associations with the objective market.

Visuals are significant on the grounds that individuals recollect just 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. In any case, individuals recall about 80% of what they see and do. That implies the more intuitive your image message is, the more probable an individual is to remember it long haul. For instance, a notice that somebody sees can engage their sense of sight, yet an occasion to promote a brand can consolidate the entirety of the senses. Individuals see what a brand has set up, they hear whatever videos or introductory presentations the brand has assembled, and they all have genuine encounters collaborating with the brand that ensures they will recall it every time. 

On the off chance that brands exploit (take full advantage of) certain events, content and experiences to visually tell their stories, those brands can possibly get forthcoming customers' consideration and keep them intrigued.

Visual content is not just attractive and significant. Yet, it is all the more captivating for its crowd, which uplifts its believability, reinforces the brand and builds greater revenue for the organisation that commissioned it. This focuses on discovering first-rate creators for brands of different sorts. 

Amidst a culture so immersed with images and videos, in case a person is not updated on the visual storytelling, they are as of now a few stages behind contending designers hoping to make some progress in the business.

How Can Video Storytelling Give a Boost to a Business?

Visual storytelling is significant nowadays, like they were never before, as most of the individuals are continually performing various tasks at the same time. Or you can say they prefer to multitask. A person’s ability to focus is quickly contracting while simultaneously the communication becomes packed and jumbled as new advancements in technology have set considerably more expectations for our consideration.

For a brand, the competition has become fiercer than ever before to get the attention from their respective audience. A smart means has to be implemented and utilise in order to gather the consideration from the consumers. Surely video storytelling is the most effective tool to bring this plan to reality.

Since many of the businesses are still new to implement this strategy successfully, discussed below are some helpful tips for such brands or companies. These tips might give you a head start to utilise the visual storytelling in your business and marketing plan to increase the company’s revenue.

1.    Get a Head Start by Conceptualising the Idea of the Story You Want to Tell the People

When you are planning to tell the story to the audience, then there must be an idea in your brain that you wish to bring forth. Conceptualise the very idea and present it in front of the world with the pinch of uniqueness so that the target market will find interest in it. Make sure that your message has the clarity to be able to comprehend itself vividly to the audience.

2.    Work on the Visuals with Extreme Delicacy

Working on the visual (images, videos, infographics, etc.) seems to be an easy job when you hire a professional designer to create the perfect storytelling video. However, extreme attention is required while picking up the information and working on the visuals utilising the same information. You must understand that whatever information you choose and the visuals you create or get them created will be the only thing that will speak for your brand. If the audience finds it unappealing, it will eventually impact your business in a much negative way. Therefore, it is imperative to work carefully on the visuals to portray a positive image to influence the audience.

3.    View Your Consumers as the Heroes

As you are planning to make the visual story for the consumers, it would be more beneficial if you portray their persona as the most important one. Make them realise that your brand cares about them and their needs, and their contribution is the most useful asset that can help you and your brand to bring positive changes to the world. Demonstrate the importance that they have in making your products and services successful so that they feel motivated and get inspired to experience your brand.

4.    Work on Amplifying the Emotional Connections

Video or visualisations has the capacity to connect the brand with the audience’s emotions. They are the most powerful tool to ignite emotions, whether it be joy, entertainment, or distressing feelings, visualisation can help the brand to connect in every possible way. Make sure the storytelling video you are developing has the emotional content that instantly grabs the attention of the customers, and they get captivated by the brand’s appearance.

5.    Utilise Multiple Podiums to Spread the Content of the Story

Many brands only believe that either Facebook or their business website are the only platforms that will help to spread the content of the story. However, there are other ways as well that might be equally significant in achieving the goal. Make use of the blog posts or spread the content on different social podiums to increase awareness among the consumers. It will also help to grasp the attention of potential customers.

To wrap it up

Video Storytelling is genuinely in vogue these days, although it is a trend that has been a part of various industries for decades. It is expected that this trend is not about to leave the industries any time soon. However, it is essential to understand and learn the new and advanced techniques to make sure to keep up with the critical evolution in the video animation or filmmaking industry. As the respective sector is believed to be in the midst of a ceaselessly evolving digital landscape.
Businesses these days must not rely on any of the current trends of the visual storytelling techniques, and they should not sit by and relax after releasing just a single video. In order to keep themselves in the competition, it is essential for them to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and techniques to implement video storytelling in their business strategy to make it work successfully. As the landscape of the video-making industry has the tendency to get changed overnight, it is imperative that the businesses must keep themselves updated and follow the ongoing trends to bring success to their brands.


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