Ability to learn comprehensive skills, theories, applications, and many other things is a crucial function of our being. We define ourselves with what we have learned throughout our lives. It is possible to improve our skill of learning itself by getting familiar with various learning models. There have been many learning models in use such as cone of experience or cone of learning that helps an individual or company to become better learners since the 1960s. As the technology is progressing, there are many other learning models that are created like e-learning, video learning, and interactive video that are used to improve the process of learning. 

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Cone of Learning (Cone of Experience)

Cone of learning is a popular learning theory that was developed by American educator Edgar Dale in 1964. It argues that the information which is received by actualizing with a hands-on approach is much longer lasting than just observed or heard information. Cone of learning is composed of ten stages and first five-stage only includes hearing and seeing. The next five-stage is about actualizing the information that we are trying to learn by writing or participating in an activity. Learners must experience every step in order to learn something completely according to this approach.


E-learning or electronic learning includes utilizing electronic devices like computers, tablets, mobile phones and even TVs for learning and training. Since its first introduction in 1999, e-learning has come a long way as the technology developed further. Today, e-learning is one of the most convenient and popular learning models because it is cost-effective, time-saving and efficient. There are many sources available online both for free or with affordable prices almost about any topic that ranges from individual language learning to corporate employee training. 

Video Learning

Nowadays, video is the most used medium to convey almost any type of information because of its convenience and availability. People tend to receive information better if it is presented visually and video is a great medium to present visualizations of abstract concepts, animated graphs, and demonstrations. In addition to these, video learning offers flexibility, can provide real-time feedback, maximizes retention, and provides a comfortable learning experience. With these convenient features at hand, video learning has impacted the way we learn immensely.

Interactive Video

Interactive video is a type of video that enables user interaction and is relatively new to the learning models scene. An interactive video plays just like a regular one but it has clickable spots that can perform an action when the user clicks on them. This action might reveal information pop-ups and content trees, links to other relevant videos, or additional data inputs. A well-designed interactive video enhances the user’s ability to interact with the video while keeping the distraction level at minimum. This new medium promises to be very effective since it prioritizes user choice, increases user investment to the video, and creates constant feedback flow.  
All of the various learning models have the same goal; a successful learning experience. Thanks to the increased availability and development of technological tools, learners all around the world can now reach information without being physically gathered in a predesignated place. What is your projection about the future of education and training? Will it be possible to learn, study and train for every topic without leaving the comfort of your home?

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