Video Augmented Reality

Simply put, augmented reality (AR) is an altered or enhanced form of reality where its content lays over the real world view, in other words, the view human eye percieves. Augmented reality allows people to add digital content to their physical environment. Even though the term itself sounds like a theme from a science fiction movie, contrary to popular belief AR technology is widely used in the form of filters and interactive video in our daily life.

Cinema8 Blog - Everything About Video Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) Applications

Every day, millions of people share Instagram stories with various filters which are a form of augmented reality. Other than Instagram and Snapchat filters, the Pokemon Go mobile game is another perfect example of daily mobile phone activities with augmented reality features. While augmented reality is fun to meddle with using our phones, it also proves to be very beneficial for humankind in lots of other areas. For example, AR technology assists pilots and astronauts in their training and helps medical personnel to perform complicated procedures, how about that?

What is Video Augmented Reality?

The use of interactive videos is rapidly becoming more and more popular among top brands. Although this type of media is new, it has proven to be a very effective marketing method. Interactive videos engage various audiences effectively regardless of age, gender, and background with its interactive design, as its name suggests.

Interactive video differs from linear or traditional video in many ways. A linear video is a media which you can only press play and watch. It is still widely used with the television advertisements but it is also no secret that it has lots of limitations. On the other hand, augmented reality leaped over quite a few stepping stones since the past decade that now nearly every person can access AR content easily by just using their phones.

An interactive video allows the viewer to interact with the video through a wide variety of tools such as hotspots (clickable areas in the video), ability to change viewing angle, ability to control the video by choosing which section to watch, data inputs (name, age, region, etc.) and quizzes. Interactive videos can have many different functionalities based on the target audience and the creativity of the builder. Augmented reality removes the limitations of traditional videos we are accustomed to and transforms them into interactive video media which we can interact to instantaneously.

The Benefits of Interactive Video

The number of advertisements we stumble upon each day surfing the internet is mind-blowing. These advertisements generally consist of linear videos which have a really low return rate for marketers. Since the emergence of video augmented reality, interactive video contents started to dominate the playing field with their higher return rates and watch time. Interactive videos are getting popular and global players are showing a trend of adapting to this new marketing method.

Thanks to the highly technological functions of AR, interactive videos are more engaging, memorable and entertaining for the audience. It allows limitless creativity for video builders and can also be used to gamify the user experience.

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