Videos are indeed the most useful resource to convey information and as well as [providing entertainment. What most people do not know is that it can really be a useful asset for the organisations as well, as it really helps the business owners and pioneers to motivate their employees. It also helps to encourage employees with their engagement towards learning, enhancing their performance and further for the benefit of the entire company.

         Cinema8 Blog - Different Approaches to Use Videos to Engage and Motivate Employees

Why is Employee Engagement and Motivation Important?

Employee engagement is a term that has an alternate significance relying upon who you inquire. Some may state it implies excited employees, though others are resolute that it implies cheerful or fulfilled employees. 

When all is said and done, employee engagement depicts individuals who are focused on their work and the objectives and estimations of their organisation. To put it another way, the engaged staff does not only work with the utmost motivation because they are getting paid. Since they are contributed, sincerely they feel that they should invest more of their efforts to the welfare of the organisation they work for. 

An organisation that bolsters and empowers employee engagement will improve in general and overall. Yet, that is only one motivation to sustain the engagement of employees.

However, if the company wishes to get more engagement from their employees, it is important that they should motivate them as well. Employee inspiration is a basic perspective in the working environment, which prompts the exhibition of the division and even the organisation. Inspiring your employees should be an ordinary everyday practice.

How to Use Videos to Engage Employees?

Make Introduction Video for All the Employees

The best way to motivate the employees is by praising their existence in the organisation. No matter what their roles are, the best thing would be to create a short video of the employees learning about their names, designations, and their roles. Allow every employee to give their short introductions to elevate their morale. Once they feel encouraged, ultimately, they will be motivated to perform effectively at work.

It is understood that motivated employees tend to show more engagement in their work. You can further share this video to the new employees who had recently joined the firm and let the new person know about everyone he or she works with.

Take the Video to Social Media

Creating the employees’ introduction video and sharing them within the organisation might not only be enough. You can further take this activity to the next level in order to provide motivation and encouragement to your staff.

Since social media is a very popular platform to create an image of the organisation or brand, your employees will also feel fortified if their profiles will be shared on the company’s hub.

For example, you can create an official company’s page on Facebook, and further share the introduction video of the employees there. It will not only help you to boost up the motivation level of the employees and get them engaged in work and further learning but also create a professional image of your corporation.

Use Interactive Videos for Training the Employees

Often companies need to provide the training to their new and even existing employees. At times companies feel the need to provide one training after another because the outcomes are not as per expectations. The reason why employees do not get the training well is that they are opposed to the idea of learning something through a textual format.

The best practice would be to use interactive videos to provide training to the employees so that they can find it interesting and feel encouraged towards learning. By gaining full training with the help of the video training content, they will be witnessed to be more engaged in the work.

We all know that training is something that has a lot of mutual benefits for both the employees and the organisation. Not only can your employees increase their productivity and enhance their skills but their dedication and devotion towards work will also increase by time.

The importance of interactive videos can never be denied. In various situations, the use of videos has a great impact on the training of your employees. It is important that the employees are provided with opportunities for career development and if they lack in their performance, then they must be given adequate training so that they can learn better. According to research, it came forth that 56% of the HR Managers believe that training and development in the organisation to be a vital business enabler.

It will be more helpful if you will ask your employees about any specific area they want to get learning about. Provide them with the appropriate knowledge that can enhance their skills. By equipping your employees with perfect learning, you can really help them increase their performance.

Use Professional Videos for the Recruiting Process

Video content can be actually very helpful for recruiting new employees. Instead of handing over a list of requirements to the candidates, they can be provided with the video that explains all the requirements thoroughly. The candidate will be able to understand the position and job description.

It will help the HR department as only the relevant candidates will apply for the position according to the skills and other requirements that are needed. The video will help people to decide more appropriately whether they fit for the position or not.

Moreover, using professional videos for the recruitment purpose will be a unique method, and it will, in a short time, gain so much popularity. Companies can also share their profile in this video and create a subtle image for themselves.

Make Annual Reports More Interesting by Using Videos

In a position where they are concerned with the financial health and goals of the company. They wait for a year to get the annual report to keep themselves updated. Whereas reading an annual report can actually be very tiring and boring. So, instead of reading the reports in the textual form, they can actually have the reports delivered to them in an interesting video content form. It will keep their enthusiasm elevated and also keep their attention constant without getting bored.

Annual reports are usually more than a dozen learning pages, and usually, executives do not have that much time to go through each and every clause thoroughly. In order to keep such employees engaged, it is the best idea for the business pioneers to provide them with video content to go through the report efficiently.

Motivate Them to Share Ideas and Represent Them Using Video Content

If you want your employees to be more engaged in the work and spend more time learning, then it is important that you provide them with a considerable space to deliver their ideas as well. It is obligatory to encourage them to share their ideas to enhance the carry out the tasks in an effective way.

Now, representing ideas in the textual format or by using PowerPoint slideshow is obviously an old method. It will not only give away the interest of the audience but will also fail the employee to deliver their idea with clarity. Instead of allowing your employees to convey their thoughts in a textual form, encourage them to use videos based on the entire idea to make the presentation more interesting.

With the help of the videos, the employee will get more engaged and will spend more time in creating a perfect piece to explain the idea.

Gamification Can Help Boost the Employee’s Engagement

An organisation must have a video platform that can offer people gamified learning. Conducting webinars and training sessions is helpful, but a competitive learning environment is much more effective in comparison. If you allow your employees to learn through the gamification strategy, they will be encouraged to spend more time on educating themselves. This practice will surely increase the employees’ engagement to a great extent.

All you have to do is to combine the video with some advanced and functional multimedia tools in the learning plans to offer the optimum gamified learning environment.

Use the “Key Company Policies” Onboarding Video

Video content can also be very helpful for the companies to explain their policies to the employees who are new to the team. Providing the newly recruited employees with a manual of 100+ pages and expecting them to learn all the policies by reading that would only be a fantasy. No sane person on earth will ever go through the entire manual in one day. Also, it will be very time-consuming to read all the policies if someone chooses to go through it in a day. It might affect the work efficiency and performance of the employee.

An employee will be observed to be less engaged in the work if they have to read the manual. So, the best thing would be to create an interactive video content explaining all the policies of the organisation in a captivating manner so the employee might find it interesting to learn about.

This practice will not only save a considerable amount of time for you to explain all the policies to the new team member but also get them engaged in the work efficiently and enhance their performance.

Use the “Little Things Matter” Video for Motivation

There are a lot of things in the workplace that often trouble people, but they do not bother to inquire about it from the fear of being made fun of. The best example to explain the scenario is that a new hire or an intern would evidently not know how to use the latest photocopier machine placed in the office. They do not want to ask anyone to provide them instructions as to avoid letting people think that he is a stupid person. So, instead of learning, they prefer leaving photocopier tasks for someone else.

With the help of the “Little Things Matter” video you can share all the basic things with the employees and help them learn about the usage of many different things, and other important factors as well that are challenging to comprehend.

Business pioneers need to understand the key advantages of employee’s performance with the aim that they can create reliable and tangible techniques for assessing the employees. Doing so decides strengths, weaknesses and potential administrative fissures in the business association. Despite the fact that performance evaluation is not that entertaining, they genuinely help business leaders to decide performance levels for every employee.

Summing it up

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