The World Keeps Meeting Cinema8.

We went to Silicon Valley in February and at the Selection Day event organized by Plug and Play Tech Center, we told Cinema8 to companies from different parts of the world and startups with the best technologies. The Selection Day program belongs to the Media & Advertising category. On the Media & Advertising day, we talked about the innovative movement brought by Cinema8's technology in Media & Advertising and the trend it started and thanks to Plug and Play Selection Day, we met many companies that are good at technology.

Blog - Cinema8 was in the Plug and Play Tech Center!

What is Plug and Play Tech Center?

Plug and Play Tech Center is a platform that brings together the largest companies with the best technologies by organizing events in different categories such as Media & Ad, Enterprise Tech, Fintech, Internet of Things, Health every year.

Would you like to meet Cinema8 with interactive video experience?

If you couldn't attend the Plug and Play Selection Day and want to meet Cinema8 with interactive video experience, let's meet.

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